New Earth : Grand Tour (Bova)

  • by Ben Bova
  • Narrated by Stefan Rudnicki
  • Series: Grand Tour (Bova)
  • 9 hrs and 52 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

We’ve found another Earthlike planet, but what secrets does it hold?
The entire world is thrilled by the discovery of a new, Earthlike planet. Advance imaging shows that the planet has oceans of water and a breathable, oxygen-rich atmosphere. Eager to learn more, an exploration team is soon dispatched to explore the planet, now nicknamed New Earth.
All the explorers understand that they are essentially on a one-way mission. The trip takes 80 years each way, so even if they are able to get back to Earth, nearly 200 years will have elapsed. They will have aged only a dozen years thanks to cryonic suspension, but their friends and family will be gone, and the very society they once knew will have changed beyond recognition. The explorers are going into exile, and they know it. They are on this mission not because they were the best available but because they were expendable.
Upon landing, the team discovers something unexpected: New Earth is inhabited by a small group of intelligent creatures who look very much like human beings. Who are these people? Are they native to this world or invaders from elsewhere? While they may seem inordinately friendly to the human explorers, what are their real motivations? What do they want?
Moreover, the scientists begin to realize that this planet cannot possibly be natural. They face a startling and nearly unthinkable question: Could New Earth be an artifact?


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Interesting plot, dated and simplistic writing.

Interesting plot, dated and simplistic writing. This book reads like it was written in the 1950s not 2013. Think Ring World. I like cute women as much as the next guy, but despite a token effort to include women with actual roles, all female characters remained undeveloped sex object accessories to the end. Every description it women was about their attractiveness. Also unmalicious use of national stereotypes occurred at multiple points. I thought this was supposed to be an adult book, but I think it would be suitable for 12 year olds. It wasn't without merit, I got to the end and was happy to read, but no masterpiece at all I'm afraid.
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- mahoneko

Not my thing

This book has a message that I agree with but it felt really heavy handed in its delivery. I felt like I was being brow beaten for quite a bit of the listen. The characters seemed somewhat flat and occasionally annoying and the story felt rushed. For example, The main character who arrives on a new planet, finds the perfect woman and they area happily a couple by day #2 !? I mean.. come on, even Kirk didn't work this fast!. :) There should have been more of a buildup and some more time given to the characters to make you feel anything for them.There are a couple scientists that are so hardheaded when the "truth" starts to be revealed that I find them unbelievable and their conversion happens in the speed of turning on a lightbulb. Theres a secondary distracting storyline that takes place on or near earth thats dont really contribute to the plot, and felt should have been left out for the most part. The performance was done very well I just wish he had better material to read.
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- Brian

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-16-2013
  • Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.