Mutineer : Kris Longknife

  • by Mike Shepherd
  • Narrated by Dina Pearlman
  • Series: Kris Longknife
  • 14 hrs and 26 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Kris Longknife is a daughter of privilege, born to money and power. Her father is the prime minister of her home planet, her mother the consummate politician's wife. She's been raised only to be beautiful and marry well. But the heritage of the military Longknifes courses through Kris' blood - and, against her parents' objections, she enlists in the Marines. She has a lot to live up to and a lot to prove in the long-running struggle among her powerful family, a highly defensive - and offensive - Earth, and the hundreds of warring colonies. Then an ill-conceived attack brings the war close to home, putting Kris' life on the line. Now she has only one choice: certain death on the front lines of rim space - or mutiny.


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Customer Reviews

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Harsh reviews seem undeserved to me

I'm not military nor do I know about military protocols, so any slip-ups in that area went past me and did not bother me. On the other hand, this series is supposed to be set in the far future, and who can know how things will change. Also, I thought they were pretty clear that she wasn't supposed to be in the situations she was in. The original drop mission was a setup to kill her, so I don't see the problem with the plot there. I don't dissect books that I read/listen, I read them for enjoyment. I guess if you are a big military enthusiast looking for ultra-realism, this book will probably disappoint you. I found it to be entertaining enough that I plan to download the next one.

As to Dina's reading, I was entertained by the different voices. Did I stop and check them for realism and quality? No, I just took them as they were and enjoyed the book. Dina spoke clearly, did not have any voice mannerisms that drove me crazy, and I thought did a good job and was consistent when using a particular voice for a particular character.

I don't know why there is such a gulf in opinions, but I would suggest you listen to the sample online and if you like the sample, then you will probably like the book.
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- Jeffery

Not the best

I'm a big fan of strong female characters in sci-fi and have loved authors like Elizabeth Moon for portrayal of such characters and their exciting stories so I was quite disappointed in this weak character and her pathetically boring story lines.

The pace was slower than any adventure story should be with the author obviously setting up future plotlines for the next book or reveiwing information from a previous book.

The characters were 2D with innapropriately stereotypical cultural backgrounds. The relationships lacked depth and the romances were immature at best.

The dialogue of all the characters was flat and the use of modern idiomatic language was distracting. I also had serious problems with the stereotypical language used in the dialogue of characters from certain religious or cultural backgrounds.

Probably my worst complaint was the narrator, who mispronounced several words, used bizzare accents and kept up a slow 'children's book' tone throughout the series, including scenes of violence and death which was just creepy.

I will say that the universe created by the author was interesting but not enough to make up for the slow pace and boring characters.

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- Nicole

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-22-2009
  • Publisher: Audible Studios