• by Gary Alan Ruse
  • Narrated by Nicholas Patrella
  • 13 hrs and 46 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Conjured from the sea by the dark magic of the Green Magician to defend their village from invaders, Morlac is a being tormented by his own dual past, and under the spell of the wizard's wicked daughter. Can he save them all...and himself? His journey across exotic lands, armed with his magicked sword Shark and his shell shield, is an epic sword and sorcery adventure. Tormented by conflicting memories, Morlac is at war against his own nature as much as the multitude of enemies he faces in his homeland and beyond. Searching for his own identity as well as for the sorcerer who abandoned him, Morlac encounters new friends, dangerous enemies, many exotic lands and supernatural terrors. Morlac is involved in a romantic triangle with the Green Magician's daughter, Kadrana, as beautiful as she is dangerous, and Glendauna, a young woman Morlac later meets, who is a Durkesh Warrior with a dark secret of her own. Morlac is a highly original novel with plenty of action, humor, and romance.


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Story in a Story

I got this book via audiobook boom. I liked the way the story started as a story inside of a story. Sorcery played a major part in the story and I was glad to see that it was overcome by the greatest gift love. Morlac is an epic tale of adventure. The narration was very well done as well.
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- Amazon CustomerBeliever

I'm glad I gave this another chance

I hope the narrator views this review as constructive criticism. I'm not here to smash your dreams of being a narrator to pulp. I hope you take this and chew on it, and use it going forward.

The first time I listened to this, I had to quit after only a few chapters. I put it on the back burner, listened to another book, and attempted to pick it back up. Again, no dice. It just wasn't working for me. It was a shame too, because the concept of this story is interesting - a sea turtle magically transmogrified into a human warrior. To add to the mystery he seemed to be reincarnated over and over. His seemingly endlessly recurring task? Become a Captain of the Guard for a besieged kingdom.

It is a tale of reincarnation, of revenge and lost loves. And it would have been great to finish it.

Looking on Audible, I can see this is the narrator's 8th audio book. I'm not sure if the narrator does his own editing/mastering, or farms it out. If he farms it out, he should fire the editor. Leveling in this project is atrocious. There were times listening while I was commuting in my car where I couldn't hear what the characters were saying compared to the narration, and had to turn up the volume. Then a few minutes later the volume of a pick-up blew out my ears drums! Towards the last third of the book there were sound artifacts between sentences, sometimes cutting off the beginning of a word. Very annoying and distracting. Applying compression or a limiter during mastering will fix this easily. After eight books, mastering should be higher priority.

So I shelved this book for a month and went on with others, thinking this would be the first book that I couldn't finish and review. It wasn't until I started receiving some critical reviews on my own first audio book that my opinion started to soften. I should give this book and the narrator another chance. So I picked it up again and started from the beginning, this time with a less critical ear.

The narrator does have a lot of positive qualities. His character voices were great. Really great. And this boy can act, really act. I imagine him with a background in some sort of Rennaisance fair acting troupe. But at times he talked so fast he slurred his words which was very distracting. Come on man, slow down! Enunciate!

The book is long, almost 13 hours. I think an hour could have easily been shaved off by removing the number of locations the group of heroes had to travel to seek what they were looking for. One could consider each location as a mini-quest to accomplish the larger plot of the book. I'm not sure what the magic number is, but the number of mini-quests was too long, and it started becoming apparant when YET AGAIN they had to go on another mini-quest immediately after completing the previous.

Does all of this criticism mean you as the prospective listener should avoice this book? Not at all. The story is worth a listen. I'm glad I gave it another chance. The whole story reminded me of an RPG in book form - not a LitRPG title specifically, but the take could have almost been lifted from a D&D session.

This audio book was gifted to me by the narrator at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review.
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- Eddie Mittelstedt

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-15-2015
  • Publisher: Gary Alan Ruse Creative Media