Midshipman's Hope  : The Seafort Saga

  • by David Feintuch
  • Narrated by Vikas Adam
  • Series: The Seafort Saga
  • 16 hrs and 18 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

When a hideous accident kills the senior officers of the UNS Hibernia, it leaves a terrified young officer to save 300 colonists and crew aboard a damaged ship on a 17-month gauntlet to reach the colony of Hope Nation. With no chance of rescue or reinforcement, Nicholas Seafort must overcome despair, exhaustion, and guilt. He must conquer malfunctions, mutiny, and an alien horror beyond human understanding. And he must save lives and take them - in the name of duty.


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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Writing, Decent Story

I was very torn about writing a review for this book. I decided in the end that I would have to because I had so much to say that I just couldn't keep it all in...
The main character of the book is a 17 year old midshipman on a years long voyage to a distant colony. Through a series of unusual and unfortunate circumstances, he becomes the captain of the ship, with a number of other midshipmen, and hundreds of crew and passengers looking to him as the leader.
To be clear, this ship is mostly about interpersonal relationships, leadership, and personal struggles set in space. There are a few very short fighting and battle scenes, but It definitely isn't what I would call a "space opera" (at least by my definition).
For the most part, I thought that the writing was very good, with the characters not being amazing, but believable enough for the story.
As for the negatives... The strangest (and my least favorite) part of this book was the fact that religion plays a huge part in the story and the future that this book takes place in. There are prayers before every meal and CONSTANT references to "Lord God" and "blasphemy" throughout the story. Basically, the government has established a "state religion" and religious code that every is forced to be obedient to. I'm not sure if the author is himself a deeply religious person, or if he was trying to create a story in some fictional future... All-in-all, I really disliked this whole concept. Personally, I might consider myself "religious" (on a good day), but this really started to annoy me after awhile. If the whole religion aspect was taken out, I would give 5 stars... As it stands, only 4.
I'm looking forward to the next book, but am not sure if I will listen to the full series or not yet since the others take place much later in the main character's life.
It was definitely worth the listen. If you can get past the fictional religion, then I would recommend it.
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- Striker "Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, and YA Novels. If it weren't for physics, law enforcement, and my medication, I'd be unstoppable!"

Pretty good start

It’s always fun to find a decent new series. This first book builds a whole new world where civilization is united under one nation and one religion similar to the British empire in medieval times. No it isn’t a religious “preachy” book, it just creates an story where the captain is the head of the church and state while underway. Any other religion is discouraged and blasphemy is about the worst thing anybody could do, but that’s about the extent of it. If you are offended by anyone even mentioning God, go ahead and skip this one.

Like most “space operas” I was expecting some high tech ship involved in all kinds of space battles with the lasers, nuclear torpedoes and of course light speed delays. The ship in this book is a very minimally armed navel cargo ship full of passengers and just a handful of actually navy personnel aboard. Think love boat in space….. with a single laser.

Despite the lack of action the book was pretty entertaining. The story deals with different situations where a young person is put in charge and his fresh view of the way things are currently ran causes people to question and think about what they are doing. The main character is a bit juvenile with his temper tantrums but I guess that is understandable since the main punishment for the midshipmen throughout the book is a good old fashion spanking.

It’s pretty good so far, but we’ll see for sure after book 2.
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- Ryan "You want me to take out both ear buds?"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-15-2015
  • Publisher: Audible Studios