London Burns : Adrian's Undead Diary

  • by Chris Philbrook
  • Narrated by James Foster
  • Series: Adrian's Undead Diary
  • 1 hrs and 45 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The world is ending, and you have a front-row seat.
The Warden Kevin Whitten and Harold Parker met in London, England "that day"; the day the dead stopped dying, and long before they managed their way back to America, to Adrian Ring and the test they would all face together.
The only reason Kevin and company survived their helicopter crash in Covent Garden was the sacrifice of a small unit of Royal Marines.
This is their story.
London Burns follows the story of Hal and Kevin, parallel to the AUD story London and beyond.
Included as well is the Elmoryn dark fantasy short story "Roots Grown Deep", a tale about why it's always a good idea to stay inside the city walls, and why you should never, ever disturb the things buried in Elmoryn's wilderness.
London Burns is the second installment in the Tales from the world of Adrian's Undead Diary series. The open-ended series chronicles new stories in the world of Adrian Ring, expanding on the original eight-book series. The first volume is titled Unhappy Endings.


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Customer Reviews

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a fantastic addition to the world of AUD

Unhappy Endings was the first story collection set in the world of Adrian’s Undead Diary (AUD).
London Burns is the next installment in the continuing series. It contains two stories. The first is London Burns, which runs just over an hour and six minutes. The second is Roots Grown Deep, a story from the Elmoryn universe, running just under thirty-nine minutes. One hour and forty-five minutes is a short audiobook but perfect for those trips that are expected to be less than an hour and fifteen minutes until you hit the unending construction on the beltway. I was able to listen to this audiobook in one sitting thanks to traffic delays.

In the many AUD books, there are characters who pass through, whose ultimate fates are unknown. Many of these characters are people who risk themselves to save others but the readers never knows if they escaped the danger, only whether their sacrifice was beneficial to the main AUD characters. Unhappy Endings and London Burns are great forays into the AUD world that we often just catch a glimpse of from the corner of our eyes as we progress through the series.

London Burns was a fantastic addition to the peripherality world of AUD. In Midnight, Book 3 of AUD, We meet a multinational group attempting to reach safety in the London area. When things go wrong, as they tend to when zombies are involved, the group must separate. One group continues on while the other group stays in the middle of disaster to buy time for the others to escape. London Burns is the story of the group left behind. It is a fascinating view of the apocalypse in it’s very early stages. The group is trying to reach Buckingham Palace, which after all is a fortress with large gates and high walls. As they progress through London, they encounter wildly different groups. They find panicked mobs fleeing from the sight of people attacking and devouring people. They find tourist taking pictures on the street, thinking they must be viewing some quaint English reenactment of a battle. They see police abandoning their post and leaving the helpless citizens behind. And they encounter those wisest and noblest of London citizens, the cabbie, who risks himself to save them. Whether or not the group makes it to Buckingham Palace and what they find there, you will discover for yourself as you listen for yourself.

Roots Grown Deep is part of the Elmoryn universe, a universe that I am not familiar with. But that was not a hindrance in enjoying the story. It stands well enough on its own. It introduces a community living behind walls. The walls protect them from an “undead” that does not sound zombie-ish as much as magically reanimated. In this land, a body resting in peace only rests if a special ceremony is said before the burial, before the magic in the world reanimates it. In Roots Grown Deep another danger has emerged from the past. Only the oldest members of the community are aware it exists. Younger members question whether it is just myth. And as they debate, it moves steadily closer.

As always James Foster does a fantastic job narrating. I honestly have not heard anything narrated by him that did not work. He is very talented. His accents, male and female voices are all spot on and believable. The pace of his narration matches the action in the stories. I recommend James Foster narrating anything. Even if the story is weak, his narration will improve it.

I enjoyed both stories. London Burns was a universe I was familiar with so it was like revisiting friends. Roots Grown Deep was an enjoyable story. It left me curious about this Elmoryn world. I will be adding it to my already groaning to-read list.

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This Was A Terrific Two-fer I Love Elmoryn

LONDON BURNS was an excellent ad-on to the AUD series. I didn't get through the whole series yet however listening to some and knowing a bit about it made it make more sense to me. It was intense and great.

ROOTS GROW DEEP was awesome! I love Elmoryn. This is one a few fantasy stories that I can really get into. This short was great as well and I can't wait to listen to more in this series.

CHRIS PHILBROOK is an excellent author one just can't not read or listen to. His writing is incredible and he doesn't miss any details. He's truly gifted. A must read author.

JAMES FOSTER is equally incredible. One can't pass on the opportunity to listen to his amazing voice. His vocal skills are endless. He's the match that lights the flame. These two make the best pairing of author/reader I've listened to. I'm always left wanting more. AUD and ELMORYN are both highly recommended.

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- Teresa "It makes me happy to wake up everyday and look forward to listening. Many times I listen while doing artwork. I find it very relaxing."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-29-2016
  • Publisher: Chris Philbrook