King of Thieves

  • by Evan Currie
  • Narrated by Todd Haberkorn
  • 8 hrs and 40 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Earth's survivors face devastating new challenges in the wake of recovering from an alien conflict. Battered and mourning tremendous losses, the once fractious peoples of enemy nations must work together to rebuild their shattered world - and prevent the possibility of their attackers' return. What they don't know is that a new, deadlier enemy unlike anything they've ever faced will usher in the dawn of another war.
Captain Morgan Passer commands the Rogue Class destroyer Autolycus, charged with an interstellar recon mission to detect traces of the repelled enemy while gathering information for the fortification of Earth's defenses. What the expedition finds instead is a deeply disturbing mystery: a discovery that redefines everything they thought they knew about Earth's place in the galaxy...and reveals deadly new horrors. In this original story set in the Odyssey One world, former enemies unite for their own survival, and Passer and his intrepid crew seek answers to help them save their people. Instead, they find that the invasion may be over, but the danger is just beginning.


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Customer Reviews

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A whole new adventure in the Odyssey One universe

While set in the same universe as Odyssey One (a 4 installment series), Currie diverges with a new crew that is a fresh start. Westin (from the original series) provides the marching orders which include putting a new ship class through its paces as well as exploring distant star systems that present anomalies that may suggest alien Dyson constructs in production. What the crew stumbles upon instead is even stranger alien technology that hints at an intelligent race related to, but far beyond anything they have previously encountered with the Priminae. Just getting out alive is not certain.

Th sci-fi elements draw heavily from Odyssey One, but add some quite nifty physics / cosmology with powerful gravitational lensing and distortion as well as unusual alien creatures.The action is well paced with excellent interpersonal relationships complicated by quirky peccadilloes. As an opening act, this cast promises new adventures that build on and rival their older siblings from earlier installments.

The narration is superbly rendered with a solid range of voices even for both genders. The tone and mood match the haunted house impression for most of the tale.
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- Michael G Kurilla

Gave up half way through

I found this series when Homeworld was the latest book, and couldn't wait for Out of the Black. With this book, however, I'm about half way through and I think I'll call it quits here.

Story-wise, I just never got into it. It may be that in the interim since OotB I discovered the Frontiers Saga, which bundles many of the same concepts into a much more polished storyline that combined with much quicker releases of new installations makes it a hard series to compete with. Even so, the previous four books never bored me to the point of quitting, rather far from it. I guess the new storyline simply doesn't have the same appeal to me as the previous one, for whatever that's worth.

One thing is certain: the narrator didn't help here. His various voices are so odd at times that several of the characters ended up sounding like variations of Cartman from South Park, while others sounded like they just hit puberty - or a combination. The story has to be exceptional for it to survive its characters sounding like cartoon characters.

However that dwarfs the issue of a narrator (or producer, whoever's fault it is) caring so little that he can't be bothered checking the established pronunciation norms for a given literary universe. How that even happens in a profit-driven business run by supposedly intelligent human beings is just beyond me. Or Bayand My as Mr. Haberkorn would probably have pronounced it.
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- Andreas

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-31-2015
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio