Jurassic Dead Box Set

  • by Rick Chesler, David Sakmyster
  • Narrated by Andrew Tell
  • 22 hrs and 49 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Now available in one discounted collection, the Jurassic Dead omnibus edition includes all three novels in the action-horror trilogy that New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry calls, "A wild collision of modern SF and old-school horror...over the top, inventive and scary fun!"
Jurassic Dead
An Antarctic research team hoping to study microbial organisms in an underground lake discovers something far more amazing: perfectly preserved dinosaur corpses. After one thaws and wakes ravenously hungry, it becomes apparent that, like life, death will find a way.
Environmental activist Alex Ramirez, son of the expedition's paleontologist, came to Antarctica to defend the organisms from extinction, but soon learns that it is the human race that needs protecting.
Jurassic Dead, Book 2: Z-volution
After the discovery of a dormant zombie virus in preserved Antarctic dinosaur specimens, billionaire visionary and megalomaniac William DeKirk proceeds with his plan to unleash a zombie-dinosaur army upon the world, starting with Washington D>C. The US military struggles to prevent the contagion's spread and to defend against the onslaught of prehistoric monstrosities as all-out war breaks out between the living and the dead.
However, DeKirk has even farther-reaching plans. Modifying the virus to allow for greater control, he intends to impart upon himself all the benefits of zombie-ism - near indestructibility, immortality, and immunity to attacks of other zombies, including the dinosaurs, which he can now direct at will. Nothing can stop him from eradicating civilization as we know it, except possibly returning heroes Alex Ramirez and Veronica Winters.
The unlikely pair must rescue the one scientist who may hold the key to arresting the zombie apocalypse, a CDC expert trapped in a besieged Atlanta office. Can they secure the antidote and turn the tide before the plague reaches its full potential, or will the planet return to the dominion of its long-extinct masters and a new tide of undead humanity?
Jurassic Dead, Book 3: Ctrl-Z
Three months after the fall of Washington D.C., the planet is a hellish battleground for an all-out war between prehistoric undead forces and the scattered remnants of the living. Billionaire William DeKirk, now ruling the last vestiges of civilization, is human no longer, but rather an unpredictable rogue driven by a noxious blend of primordial virus and modern day sociopath. He deliberately spreads the zombie plague across the world and deploys his dinosaur-human army to destroy survivors or coerce them into pledging allegiance to his undead flag.
But the resistance movement has its own plan to hit Ctrl-Z and undo the zombie apocalypse. In his darkest moment yet, Alex must confront the grim reality that the only way to defeat a monster is to become one himself.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Cool Idea; Passes The Time

This series delivers what you would expect from the title, undead dinosaurs. They go on a rampage that begins in Antarctica, then quickly spreads throughout the world (thanks to human intervention).The stories are good, but not great.

One of the problems I had at a few points in the books is how unbelievable the events are. There are seemingly endless dinosaur corpses around, nearly intact, just waiting to be unleashed on the world. The pterodactyls in particular seem plentiful. Then there is the extremely rapid transformation of people once they are bitten. Without ruining the story, people undergo changes that make them more than traditional zombies.

But then I realized something; this is science FICTION! While the hordes of dinosaurs were still a bit difficult to fathom, once I remembered to embrace the fiction element of the writing, I became more accepting of the series as a whole. When it's science fiction, all limitations are abandoned. So really, it was a ME problem. Still, the plots were good but not great.

The narrating was overall good, though again not great. Andrew Tell has some talent, but at this point I don't expect he will be compared with Scott Brick, Ray Porter, or Johnny Heller. That isn't to say he won't improve, he's just not there right now.

This series will certainly help pass the time, but I did find that I wanted to take a break between each book. I separated each by listening to a different book, which helped keep my interest for each one individually.

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- Daniel Delgado

Prehistoric Fantasy

I figured that I would give this a try since it includes the whole series. I do not buy the serialized books anymore unless they can stand alone or are offered like this. And I’m glad I did. This is an above average zombie tale with enough different takes/unique angles to make it a unique zombie tale. The action sequences are done right and there are plenty of them. The characters could be more developed, but it doesn’t take away much from the story.
You definitely grow to like the characters and you will root for their survival.

The narration is good to great. He brings the characters to life by being pretty versatile.

Now, some will say you have to suspend belief because of some of the storylines in this book. I would say...it’s a zombie novel.

However, I still recommend this novel with the caveat that it’s just an above average tale that I would read just for fun. Don’t expect too much...but don’t expect it to be one of those awful stories written by an author during their lunch breaks.
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- Wade

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-23-2017
  • Publisher: Rick Chesler