I, Zombie

  • by Hugh Howey
  • Narrated by Paula Christensen, Lucien Dodge, Mozhan Marno, Greta Jung, Graham Hamilton, Adam Lazarre-White, Conner Kelly-Eiding, Michelle Carmen Gomez, Lorna Raver
  • 7 hrs and 1 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Warning: Not fit for human consumption
This book contains foul language and fouler descriptions of life as a zombie. It will offend most anyone, so proceed with caution or not at all. And be forewarned: This is not a zombie book. This is a different sort of tale. It is a story about the unfortunate, about those who did not get away. It is a human story at its rotten heart. It is the reason we can't stop obsessing about these creatures, in whom we see all too much of ourselves.


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Customer Reviews

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If you are going to listen to this, you better put on your big boy pants or hitch up your big girl panties, cause you are in for a gory, bloody, disgusting ride. SHE BIT INTO A LENGTH OF INTESTINE, RAW SHIT IN HER MOUTH.

This replaces Cell by Stephen King as my number one Zombie Book. Yet, there is room for improvement, as I will explain later. First I want you think about what it would be like to be a zombie. In this description of Zombies by Howey, they feel pain. They are brains locked up, with no control of their bodies. In other books, that don't explore the zombie side of things, they claim Zombies don't feel pain. In this book they do, but because the brain has no control, outsiders don't realize it. These zombies feel the cold, the heat, the bullets, the glass in bare feet, air on their sensitive teeth, their broken bones, etc. The writing is so good that you become the Zombie, this is YOU, Zombie. Imagine falling three floors, can't control your body and you land first on your knees and than on your face. Your knees are busted, but your body gets up anyway. Your body walks on busted legs and you feel the pain. You have no control over where you look, you see everything, unless you are the lucky zombie, who HAS NO EYES. Your mouth is wide open, your smell acute, as your face dives into a living person's intestines. I have always thought being alive in a paralyzed body would be scary enough.

There is a philosophical side to this also. Your brain remembers your previous life. You have days or weeks or years of nothing to do but think about your past and all the things you did wrong. King is the Ruler of this sort of fiction, when he writes about a woman, tied in bed and her dead husband on the floor, a man stuck in bed with a busted leg and a crazy lady taking care of him, a girl lost in the woods, a woman stuck in a car and a rabid dog outside, plus others. It makes you want to live your life a lot better, than they way you do now. Many people talk about going to heaven and you relive every minute of your life before you enter?

This is the book I have been searching for and it is a great book. What a lot of people are not going to like, is that it is more of an anthology. As one reviewer writes, there is no story arch. For an hour or so, you following certain characters as they live the life of a zombie and than we move on to another story of another character and the two shall not meet. Only way to top this is to have a book, coming from the perspective of both the zombie and the chased, with a plot and the same characters throughout the book.

They are all top notch.

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- Jim "The Impatient"

why you DON'T want to be a zombie!

Any additional comments?

if you're into the whole zombie genre and are looking for something different, then definitely give i, zombie a listen. the book is broken into 6 parts. the first 5 parts tell the story of people who have become zombies. each part follows 2 or 3 main characters. as they shamble around, looking for fresh meat, they recount parts of their lives. as a zombie, they are fully aware of what they're doing, but they can't stop their bodies. they have no control over their need to feed.

there is a wide assortment of characters with diverse backgrounds. believe it or not, there's a lot of character development in each part. each character is different and has their own unique story to tell. actually, there's a lot of emotion in this zombie book. what do i mean? i felt different emotions from the different stories. to name a few, i felt sadness, disgust, contempt, and believe it or not triumphant.

the narration is excellent. each character has his/her own narrator, who brings the character to life even though they're dead. LOL

the writing is tight. there's nothing i would add nor remove from the story. there is a lot of gore, and the scenes of the zombies feeding are probably the most descriptive, disgusting, an horrifying i've ever read or listened to.

overall, a great and unique addition to my zombie library. so if you're looking for something different, then look no further. this is a great book from the zombie perspective. this is why you don't want to become a zombie!

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- Mike Naka

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-08-2012
  • Publisher: Audible Studios