Heavier Than a Mountain : Destiny's Crucible

  • by Olan Thorensen
  • Narrated by Jonathan Davis
  • Series: Destiny's Crucible
  • 21 hrs and 14 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Beware of creating your worst enemy.
All Joe Colsco wanted out of life was a reasonably interesting job supporting a quiet, comfortable suburban lifestyle, eventually a small family, and time to pursue hobbies. Instead, a freak accident casts him naked onto a beach of another planet inhabited by humans with technology circa 1700. In time, Joe, now known as Yozef Kolsko, makes the difficult acceptance of a new life, has a respectable position in his new society, and is married with a child on the way. But all is not rosy. He has become embroiled in a struggle beyond any dream he could have had - or any nightmare.
The Narthani are a militant society intent on subjugating the Caedelli, the people he's come to identify with. Despite Yozef's hope to focus his life on transferring scientific knowledge and supporting a quiet life, he finds his life's direction moving beyond his control. As his actions and ideas become more important in resisting the Narthani, he reluctantly finds himself dragged into leadership roles he doesn't believe himself qualified - including efforts to unite the Caedelli clans.
The transformation of Joseph Colsco to Yozef Kolsko is about to take another step. Unwittingly, the Narthani themselves are creating an opponent unlike any they have ever faced, an enemy beyond their conceptions.


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Customer Reviews

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Great story, getting better each book

This author knows how to write, bringing to the table a lot of his own knowledge, and weaving it into a completely immersive world.
I really enjoyed this and the last two stories, and each inspired me to learn more about Joseph's insights by reading books he actually references in the story.
Can't recommend this book more and the series as a whole is worth an investment.
I can't say there are many books I'd read (listen) to again but this is one. I'd re listen to the whole series just to get more.
Can't wait for the next book...
By the way narrator 10 out of 10.
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- Nicholas d vanvalkenburgh

I was really hoping for a steam engine by now

Heavier Than a Mountain is the 3rd installment of Olan Thorensen's Destiny's Crucible series. After the surprise ambush led by Yozef and the tactical Nartharni retreat, Cardelli continue to reel from both the new ideas of Yozef and the brutality of the Nartharni. Yozef continues to advance warfare tactics tasting blood for the first time. With a focus on contingency planning and counter attack, rather than straight up head-on fighting, he's battling against both the Nartharni as well as long standing Caedelli customs. While their initial strategy for island subjugation has been a complete failure, the potential for substantial Nartharni reinforcements as well as a new formidable player entering the mix at the end suggests bigger and bloodier battles in the future.

The rate of new technology development seems to have slowed as Yozef is concentrating on organizational and strategic issues related to both warfare and governance. The intriguing wrinkle is that while the original alien watcher was noticeably absent in book 2, Yozef finds evidence of some advanced technology lying around as well as mysterious objects referred to as "flagon eggs." These clues suggest a more active role by the either the watcher aliens or their predecessors. Yozef also learns that the "adjustments" made to him impart some special properties he needs to keep hidden, but that he can transmit sexually as well. The only legitimate criticism is the decision to introduce napalm which seems a bit unnecessary; a steam engine would be a major game changer. Also of note is that the Nartharni are portrayed as multidimensional with detailed discussions of their planning, strategy, and fears.

The narration continues to be superb with an excellent range of voices with nice pacing and mood as the story ebbs and flows.
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- Michael G Kurilla

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-29-2017
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing