Good Intentions : Good Intentions

  • by Elliott Kay
  • Narrated by Tess Irondale
  • Series: Good Intentions
  • 22 hrs and 2 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

He knew it was a dumb stunt from the start. A midnight run through a cemetery to impress a couple of girls is hardly the stuff of legend, but Alex Carlisle longs to escape the crushing mediocrity of life after high school. Then he stumbles upon the ritual, and the cultists, and two bound and bloodied women. Alex intervenes and the ritual blows up in his face, leaving him bound to them both: Rachel and Lorelei, an angel and a succubus. It's hardly the sort of challenge a guy can face with dignity when he still lives at home with his mom. Alex never imagined falling for an immortal demon seductress, or that he'd spend his nights dodging her co-workers, her old boss, and every other supernatural freak in Seattle. He never thought a woman like Lorelei could have a rival like Rachel, either. But then, nobody ever said adulthood would be easy)
WARNING: Good Intentions contains explicit sexuality, violence, nudity, inappropriate use of church property, portrayals of beings divine and demonic bearing little or no resemblance to established religion or mythology, trespassing, bad language, sacrilege, blasphemy, attempted murder, arguable murder, divinely mandated murder, justifiable murder, sexual promiscuity, kidnapping, attempted rape, arson, dead animals, desecrated graves, gang activity, theft, assault and battery, panties, misuse of the 911 system, questionable interrogation tactics, cell phone abuse, reckless driving, consistent abuse of vampires (because they deserve it), even more explicit sexuality, illegal use of firearms, polyamory, abuse of authority, hit and run driving, destruction of private property, underage drinking, disturbances of the peace, disorderly conduct, Internet harassment, bearers of false witness, mayhem, dismemberment, falsification of records, tax evasion, an uncomfortably sexy mother, bad study habits, and a very silly white guy inappropriately calling another white guy "nigga" (for which he will surely suffer).


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Customer Reviews

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Read the Warning Label!

This book comes with a warning. Read that warning. Everything in that warning is true and it is awesome!

Honestly this book probably should be sitting in the erotica section. There is plenty of sex going on. However, unlike most of the books in that section this actually has a good story.(sorry to that section, but I am no stranger to it) The characters have arcs and develop and grow as people. There are a couple subplots that are free from most of the overt sexuality of the rest of the book. The story is pretty typical paranormal fantasy. It has some great character work, but does stumble into cliche now and again; I don't hold that against it though. I genuinely wanted to know what happened to the character and wanted the story to move along. I never felt the sex was intrusive, but also didn't keep reading just to get to the next sex scene.

If you are an adult who isn't freaked out by sex, and it actually is pretty vanilla compared to how it could have gone, then listen and enjoy. You will probably want to use earbuds if you have kids.

Tess Irondale does a great job as a narrator. Sometime with material like this the narrator can sound uncomfortable, bored, or even a little too into it. She does a great job riding that line while giving a believable and very listenable read. I actually have problems listening to female narrators for long stretches she does an excellent job, and I binge listened to this book and never grew weary or irritated with the voice in my ear.
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- C. Williams "Reader"


For the first ten hours, I was loving this book. I was actually attracted to it because of all the reviews that mentioned sex. Sex is an important part of life and I like when it is included in the story, but not when it becomes the story. The sex in this is hot, especially the scene in the lingerie dressing room. I had myself convinced for the longest time that the sex was an important part of the story. I thought I was watching a bad demon become a nice demon, because of the way she was treated. I enjoyed the angel/demon paranormal part of the story and later witches and vampires were added. VAMPIRES ARE THE SHORT BUS KIDS OF THE SUERNATURAL. I especially like that the good guy was getting the woman or women for once. ALEX, THANKS FOR BEING A GOOD GUY

For me the book turned south around the eleventh hour. I started to realize that the sex was becoming more gratuitous and started to escalate. Alex started to become a super sex hero. This 19 year old boy always says and does the right things at the right time. His maturity is beyond measure. All the women he screws are super sexy. The succubus, the head cheerleader, the prettiest girl in high school. He might have always been the nerdy good guy, but he is well endowed. Even virgins can't wait to have their hymens pierced by his big BEAUTIFUL COCK. He turns lesbians straight. I got sick and tired of hearing him say, I WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. The girls don't fall in love with him, they fall in lust and want him only for his cock and tongue. I can handle this in small doses, even appreciate it, but got tired of being hit over the head with it and lost track of what the story was suppose to be about. I started to dislike Alex as his character lost all flaws and conflict pretty much disappeared. I quit somewhere in hour twelve. 22hours is a long time for a erotica novel.

The narrator is excellent.
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- Jim "The Impatient" "My taste differs from kid books to gory horror books."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-18-2015
  • Publisher: Audible Studios