Game of Thrones: The Book of White Walkers

  • by CraftWrite Publishing
  • Narrated by Leanne Yau
  • 1 hrs and 2 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Full of daring theories and fascinating tales from the world of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones: The Book of White Walkers delves deep into the most riveting aspects of White Walkers - who they are, where they came from and where they are going. How did the First Men cross the Narrow Sea, habitat of the Children of the Forest, and how did the war of technology and magic unleash the White Walkers? Was it really Bran the Builder who constructed the Wall and what horror lies underneath it? And is the Wall truly the permanent structure fans perceive it to be, or will it be razed through one of the many ways hinted at in the books? Finally, can White Walkers be truly defeated, and if so, how?
A perfect gift for fans of the TV show as well as the book series, Game of Thrones: The Book of White Walkers serves as both an introduction and an accompaniment to the existing media. If you want to find out how the World of Ice and Fire came to be or what might happen next, this is the place to start!


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Customer Reviews

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Great Listen, Known Material

It was a good listen to get you a refresher on the origin and a little history of the white walkers from the series. Unfortunately if you are coming into this thinking you will learn something new, then you may be disappointed. “Audible 20 Review Sweepstakes Entry”
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- Andrew Killian

Yet another George R.R. Martin money grabbing attempt!

I have enjoyed greatly both the five books and the seven seasons with season listed as the series conclusion. However!....How can Martin write any new book in the BOOK SERIES that would not give away the series ending, or more likely continue HIS storylines and confuse EVERYONE? He promised YEARS ago that he would have published book SIX in his storyline BEFORE now. He instead chose to write or just edit stories and histories of the world he created. All are fine, EXCEPT when the most important thing is left undone. I've lost all respect for Martin as an author. He seems to be much more content making more money now than ever before just on his royalties and fees charged for using his creation. Not a thing wrong with making money from ones work, but don't make promises you never plan to keep! It could be worse though. His wonderful story could have been allowed to be butchered as another favorite fiction writer Stephen King has allowed so very often. And this travesty that could have been made into such an equally excellent series like GoT. Was destroyed and what's worst of all...King allowed it to happen! His lifetime work spanning about 40 YEARS from its inception to completion. Turned into a complete and horrible joke as this movie failing horribly at the box office as it should proves. So I guess whatever I think about Martin, it could have been much, much worse.

My opinion is that Martin will NEVER produce a new book in Song Of Ice & Fire while letting the TV writers come up with the series ending which has now gone nearly and completely in a different track than his novels. Main occurrences not in books but done on TV... Targaryen comes back to Westeros with nearly ALL the fighting forces from Essos. Most notably missing are the ultimate assassins known as the The Faceless. Why? Based on both books and show, Daenarys has no idea who this sect or cult is. They certainly would be a major asset as shown by Arya Stark who wiped out the majority of House Frey all by herself with no trouble at all. Why not have her simply assassinate Cersei and by default, the much more reasonable Lannister, Jamie would step in, OR if they hold to all the rules of succession...Tyrian would become the new King of the Seven Kingdoms as the only eligible living heir to the wealth and power of House Lannister. And HE as well as Jamie KNOW that Jon is correct about the true war is coming from the north in the form of the White Walkers. Add to that Bran now knows EVERYTHING past, present, and some of the future. He is The army's ultimate spy and intelligence gatherer. And so much more to discuss, but not here in this review of the money I've wasted once again on something I hoped would be as advertised.

Final point...magic was brought BACK to the world with the birth of the three dragons. Hasn't anyone realized this? Clearly said in the books and touched on in the the Pyromancers were now able to once again produce Wildfire. Plus the mystics in the House of the Undying regained the power they had lost since the last dragons died off. And I personally find it very irritating to have contradicting history of the relationship between the Children of the forest and the First Men. Based on EVERYTHING shown and told in books and series. The Children were pushed OUT of their southern homes INCLUDING Dragonstone during the war with the First Men. Created the Walkers to turn the tide from losing to winning by creating these Dead, but not dead original and First Walker aka The Night King with Dragon glass. So why doesn't Bran just get the answer and best way to eliminate the Walkers from the last of the Children who still live in the north? And is it impossible for the BEST of the Faceless Men not be able to infiltrate the Walkers and try to assassinate the Night King? And why do the White Walkers seem not to care about Essos? Everything that is in Westeros came from Essos except the Children of the Forest. Hmmm, seems just like America and how the Europeans came and decided to TAKE the land and proceeded to lie, cheat, and exterminate all of those who were living here in peace and harmony with the land. Most tribes were willing to share and live together, etc. Sound like a familiar story??
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- Neal

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-02-2017
  • Publisher: CraftWrite Publishing