Gabriel's Revenge : Evan Gabriel

  • by Steve Umstead
  • Narrated by Ray Chase
  • Series: Evan Gabriel
  • 8 hrs and 51 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A missile has no conscience. It is an inanimate steel object: cold, emotionless. But once ignited, it burns white hot inside, and cannot be shut off. Fired in combat, it has but one objective: the total destruction of its intended target. And it will only stop when its objective has been achieved, or it runs out of fuel. Not all missiles are made of steel.
North American Federation Navy Commander Evan Gabriel thought it was over. Returning from a mission on the far-off world of Eden, he finds that Mars is in a state of political upheaval. Two major dome cities are now under the control of ambitious and ruthless men backed by the scheming South American Republic. Friends are in trouble, Renay Gesselli is missing, and the future of a world is in flux while rival governments bicker behind closed doors. From the ice-bound planet of Poliahu, to the dangerous jungle world of Eden, and back to his adopted home of Mars, Evan Gabriel has witnessed death follow him. Now, he's turning the tables, and no force would stand in his way.


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Customer Reviews

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Ray Chase Takes It Home In Style

Where does Gabriel's Revenge rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

Gabriel's Revenge ranks 8.92 out of 10 on my Modified Indexed Listening Formula (MILF) scale, which is nothing to sneeze at. Why? Because it isn't.

Who was your favorite character and why?

Evan Gabriel was a hard as nails, government sanctioned killer of all things evil who has to carry several metric tons of psychic baggage since he was about 2 1/2 years old. He had more ghosts stalking him than the total spooks who chased that shiftless peach fuzz Shaggy and his gangly mutt Scooby in three years of that show's episodes.

Evan will corpse up anyone who stands in his way, especially if it is one of those banditos from the SAR. When one of these soulless cucarachas had a reverse MENSA brainwave and told his cronies, "I know what will make Evan Gabriel crumble and throw in the towel, I'll kidnap the one person left in this solar system and local star cluster that Evan truly loves and cares for with all of his heart - his hot girlfriend. Yeah that will make him back down. Hey amigo, pass me some more of that crappy Chilean ripple heh, heh, heh," If there is a better example of famous last words that ends up biting your ass and entire lower torso off I have not heard it.

Didn't the guy who uttered this nonsense remember what happened two weeks ago on Planet Armpit, or something to that effect, when Evan and the surviving half dozen of his merry band of merciless unrelenting space avengers ground into a mushy paste each one of the 82 assorted mercenaries, 60 Asian ninja wannabes and 39 innocent bystanders too slow to scramble away from the fusillade of bullets and pulse laser beams? And that was for some Mars-based washed up politician's son who really never entered the story in any meaningful way. Yeah, idiot, grab Evan's girlfriend, he won't get pissed.

Which scene was your favorite?

Evan is about to get a new hole in the back of his head by the head mercenary guy but his "brain buddy" pulls an ace out of its virtual sleeve and ends that nonsense. The next thing you hear is a wet pop and BING! we now have a headless mercenary guy.

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

Evan Gabriel will hunt you down and destroy you along with everything you love and cherish if you don't immediately line up at this theatre and buy a ticket for his movie. And yes, there is a red light beam zeroed on your sternum. Make your decision.

Any additional comments?

Ray Chase is the right guy for this genre. He has a lyrical and - it is hard to put in words - a way of narration that makes scenes a trip to listen to. For example, every time that space ship captain friend of Evan speaks, his voice is just a tad on the pompous or unabashed self important side, which I dig. Ray Chase does this kind of thing in many of his narrations, usually for a character in some kind of leadership position. Every time I hear that tone of voice I either start laughing or crack a smile. I like that kind of narrative style because it keeps the storyline light while not taking away from the overall mood. And don't we all need a little dollop of lightness in our day?

Too many audiobooks these days are way too heavy and dark with some crappy two-bit kingdom lousy with shiftless wizards who have absolutely nothing else to do but come up with new ways of fucking with people who just want to be left alone so they can get that stuff they need and go home and eat. All I have to say to the wizard community at large is "Hey losers, why don't you get a job, get a life and get the hell out of my world! Oh, and before you go, get yourself a new dress. That mu mu or whatever you got on stinks like crap and makes you look like an emaciated grief chick. And please brush your remaining 5 teeth. Your breathe is ...... you get the point."

I am sick of wading through the thousands of redundant "Crown of the Zogflith" or 'Swordmen of the Blagghespl" type audiobooks. They bring down the general tone.

All that genre that should be left to the people who really deserve that kind of morbid tripe - 103 pound brace faced D and D players, pizza faced puss bags and the chronically virginal who look like that guy who runs the comic book store in "'The Simpsons". Now, I shall make like my pants and split!

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- shalte

Great series...

Sad to see it end but great story...hopefuly there is a spin off or sonething else...loved the story
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- Everett

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-31-2014
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing