Fight and Flight : Magic 2.0

  • by Scott Meyer
  • Narrated by Luke Daniels
  • Series: Magic 2.0
  • 10 hrs and 26 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Martin and his friends discovered that their world is computer generated and that by altering the code, they could alter reality. They traveled back in time to Medieval England to live as wizards. Almost everything they've done since then has, in one way or another, blown up in their faces.
So of course they decide to make dragons. It does not go well.
As the wizards struggle to control their creations and protect innocent citizens, they try new things (most of which they don't enjoy), meet new people (most of who are angry at them), and fight epic battles (most of which they lose).
But their biggest challenge may be a young girl who knows that the wizards created the dragons and is determined to make them pay. On her side she has powerful allies, a magical artifact, and a faithful if not particularly helpful dog.
Fight and Flight is a rollicking tale of bravery, wonder, love, revenge, greed, discovery, deception, and animal husbandry.


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Customer Reviews

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Major stumble in a great series

I love this series and have been looking forward to reading this book, but what a let down. No risk to anyone in the book, no real foreshadowing of danger, and no conflict other than some petty arguments. But what about the dragons? Oh, they can't actually do any damage. What about the incredibly dangerous solution to the dragons? Ya, we made everyone safe from being harmed by it and the risk never comes into play anyway. the book ends up wrapping things into a quasi morality lesson. The cliff hanger at the very end and the previous 3 books will bring me back after this miss.
I listened a second time just to make sure I wasn't to critical. There is some foreshadowing of the cliffhanger at the end, but it's very minimal. if you really strain you can read into some of the subtext which seems like a plan for the next book to explore the dichotomy of reality being true no matter how much you disagree with it and wizards who seem to have the power to alter reality, dealing with unintended consequences, and the fact the wizards aren't always conscious of how their time traveling ability can be used. Meyer has a great short story with the first few chapters, a couple of pages in the middle, and the ending. The rest just feels like filler, and was repeatedly frustrating to see how the wizards were trying to solve their problems. This book feels as if Meyer has a great plan for book 5 and he wanted Fight and Flight to set it up, thought, "hey, dragons are cool" but didn't put enough focus in book 4.
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- Virgil

Magic filler 2.0

SKIP this book. It's 10hrs of wasted rambling. I wish I wouldn't have preordered it and read the reviews. The first three books were good and this was terrible. No real danger. No real story advancement. Did the author just want more $$? the last 2 minutes of the book had the only real intrigue and it was mediocre at best. Do your self a favor and wait for the next book. You won't be missing anything. Actually here I'll save you time(spoiler): the whole book is about killing dragons that can't hurt anyone or do anything interesting. The end.
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- Chris

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-09-2017
  • Publisher: Audible Studios