Fey : Vince Lombard

  • by Mike Lee
  • Narrated by Jason Brenizer
  • Series: Vince Lombard
  • 8 hrs and 22 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Fey: 1. clairvoyant; able to see into the future 2. to do with or related to fairies 3. fated to die, or having a forboding of death
Major Vince Lombard, Galactic Marine Corps (Ret.) is a professional gambler, slowly working his way back to Earth, one gambling station at a time, when he finds himself at the center of brewing storm. Someone has taken an interest in an old Earth legend, but for what purpose, no one seems to know, exactly.
The fate of the Fey has always been tied to the fate of humanity, but they have been content to stay in the background for ages, without worry that humankind is destined to continue on into the foreseeable future. Humanity has forgotten their very existence, as well as their role in the destiny of both races.
But now, after the better part of two millennia, one of the Fey pops up again, and in the most unlikely place: Many millions of miles away from Old Earth, on a space station that serves as a gambling casino.
A decorated war hero, Vince finds himself at the center of a brewing storm, as humans and aliens alike begin to see the potential uses a fairy can be put to. It's not just that everybody wants one. Everybody wants this one, and it won't be easy to find a path through the problems ahead, keeping his new Fey friend out of the hands of the government, and the aliens, alike. But an old veteran like Vince has a few tricks up his sleeve, still. Could that be why the fairy came to him?
Fairies are capable of things that humans have no explanation for. But they can't do everything, and sometimes, even a fairy needs a hand. Who better than a Galactic Marine to help, when some good old human ingenuity is called for? Maybe Vince has found a friend for life in his Fey companion. If he can save her life, that is.
Fey is a sometimes-whimsical, fun, and light fantasy/sci-fi adventure story.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

" What? You were hoping fairies are real, Higgins?

Would you listen to Fey again? Why?

Yes I would, it's a light entertaining story. Part Sci-Fi, part fantasy. Space stations, G marines, aliens and yes a Fairy. Tiny little Tinkerbell old world Fairy. Both the government and the Aliens want Fey ( the fairy's chosen name) And Vince ret. Galactic marine major is now her protector. Sort of an us against the galaxy thing.

What did you like best about this story?

Very imaginative with endearing, engaging characters. with a very comfortable old school Sci-ii feel to I. While I enjoyed Vince and Blondie but Fey stole the show and with only a single spoken line.

What does Jason Brenizer bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

Having read/ listened to Starfire and Fey he is perfect in the role of Vince Lombard. while still being able to do justice to the female characters.

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

Fey, Fairies in outer space. Fey takes on the lost boys of the galactic core

Any additional comments?

This is a wonderful set of stories Mike Lee has captured a unique segment of contemporary Sci-Fi. Should be very interesting to hear Horkers Law. While Dr Zim's elixir was a nice take on Zombies, Horker's Law, Starfire and Fey resonate more to me. Mr Lee has a deft touch with a character.

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5 Star eerie cliffhanger!

I can't think of anyone I could NOT recommend this book. The action lover gets plenty with our hero starting out alone but immediately garnering 2 crushing opponents: the local police force and the Alliance Navy. As a professional gambler, he has his first game at a new casino blown up but luckily he escapes with the help of a real cocktail waitress who all thought was a hologram, so there's the romance and adventure crowd! And the who-dun-it's have a slam dunk while trying to analyze friend or foe, and in the big picture, who is the good guys? But it is not a rote grind 'em out in 6 weeks either. The writing is so good you're soon lost and keeping an eye on the bedtime clock and the performance of Jason Brenmizer melds it all with an even flow that paints the listener a picture of future reality the reader adapts to readily. I'm sure somewhere there will be a completely clinical review that will refute this but believe me, this is a win-win listen.
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- dee

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-12-2015
  • Publisher: Michael L. Trimble