Eye of the Storm : Legacy of the Aldenata

  • by John Ringo
  • Narrated by Marc Vietor
  • Series: Legacy of the Aldenata
  • 16 hrs and 49 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In an instant the world changed for Lieutenant General Michael O'Neal. His beloved Corps of the last remaining ACS destroyed beneath the guns of the Fleet, his staff shot before his eyes, arrested on the charge of war crimes, he faces a short, one-sided trial, a trip to the Fleet Penal Facility and a bullet to the back of the head while trying to "escape".General Tam Wesley faces trying one of the most beloved heroes in the Federation, not to mention a friend of decades, on trumped up charges. His alternative is having the last corps of humans that haven't sold their souls to the Darhel be taken apart like a chicken. Then he finds out the bad news....With a new invasion from a previously unknown race threatening the Federation capital, Darhel Tir Dal Ron faces his ultimate nightmare: He is going to have to reinstate the one man human soldiers trust, a man with the power and knowledge to destroy the Darhel oligarchy forever. And instead convince him, against all logic, to save the Darhel.Somebody is going to die. General Michael O'Neal, Supreme Commander, Federation Forces, just has to pick.


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Customer Reviews

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Nice to see Michael O'Neal back, and his daughters

If you have been checking my reviews then you know that there is a list of the correct order to read these books in, this is labeled as book 12 and that's actually where is belongs if you don't count "The Hero" because that's like way in the future but its labeled as book 5.

I have posted the order I think they should be read in before but here it is again, first names of the books titles only - "Hymn" "Gust" "Devil" "Hell" "Watch" "Yellow" "Tuloriad" "Cally" "Sister" "Honor" "Eye" and "Hero" - if/when the Author writes more books that take place in different places I will probably get them also and post another review with the updated order.

Now the review - it was good to see Michael O'Neal back in action again if only to be treated like crap at first, he goes on to be in charge of some really important stuff and he does a good job at it.

I was expecting to see more of the ACS here but you will find out soon that they are mostly destroyed which sucks but this book ends like there should be a few more right after this one ended, I hope that Ringo writes more of them because his work is just great only lacking in a few places but the greatness makes up for it with really funny parts that most Sci-Fi doesn't have a lot of - there is technical stuff also which is what makes things interesting, but comedy as well and that's what Ringo does best.

O'Neal is back with his daughters which is cool to see because the last time the 3 of them were together was when they were just kids like 3 and 6 years old and then there was the first 4 books if you read them then you know whats up with them not seeing each other.

This one is a must read if you are a fan of this series, The Watch on the Rhine and Yellow Eyes could be skipped but then The Tuloriad has some stuff in it you don't know about so I might have said in past reviews to skip "Watch" and "Yellow" but that's not the case now - they are slow but worth it, Yellow Eyes more so.
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- Colin

Fun, Cliff Hanger, and massive body count

like all ringo stories this one also has a massive body count, its fast paced, and we finally see humans taking a dominant role.

on the downside like all ringo books this one just ends, basically a cliffhanger, i like that we are seeing some new races and how they interact, i also like that we start seeing some more tech appear. if you like ringo you'll like this
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- Daniel

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-07-2009
  • Publisher: Audible Studios