Extinction Evolution : The Extinction Cycle

  • by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
  • Narrated by Bronson Pinchot
  • Series: The Extinction Cycle
  • 10 hrs and 17 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

There's a storm on the horizon....
Central Command is gone, the military is fractured, and the surviving members of Team Ghost, led by Master Sergeant Reed Beckham, have been pushed to the breaking point. While the strong return to the battlefield, the wounded are forced to stay behind on Plum Island and fight their inner demons.
Betrayed by the country they swore to defend and surrounded by enemies on all sides, Team Ghost has one mission left: protect Dr. Kate Lovato and Dr. Pat Ellis while they develop a weapon to defeat the Variants once and for all. But after a grisly discovery in Atlanta, Kate and Ellis realize their weapon might not be able to stop the evolution of the monsters.
Joined by unexpected allies and facing a new threat none of them saw coming, the survivors are running out of time to save the human race from extinction.


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Customer Reviews

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Now, the creatures are evolving!

It’s not bad enough that the government created a special virus in order to create super soldiers; it’s not bad enough that the virus has now spread to civilians; it’s not bad enough that the world has less than a third of its human population due to the virus infected variants. No, none of that is bad enough – the government/command central has now fallen, there is very little if any of the government left; the military is fractured beyond belief.

Now, the creatures are evolving! Not only can they think and plan, now they are adapting to their environment – growing gills, scales, and so much more! Kate has to hurry to get the Kryptonite cure done but can she? Can the fractured military dispense it? And to top off all the badness, it seems, Kate and a few others have gone missing after a sudden appearance of variants on Plum Island and a mysterious “white” king. Beckham will have his hands full now!

This book was a natural progression of the variants and the relationship between Kate & Reed. Sadly, some of the other minor but favorite characters had to die. Reed Beckham is dealing with a lot of horror, decision making, saving people and trying to survive.

Like the others in this series, the action was intense. I was saddened with most of the deaths, some I cheered but others I had more than a few moments of grief. Nicholas Sansbury Smith not only forges connections to each of his characters but Bronson Pinchot provides the passionate voice that seals the connection.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is into zombies, military, romance and action. There is not one minute where the author allows the listener to slow down; he keeps the listeners going full force just like his characters!

I love listening to Bronson Pinchot. His narration skills are excellent - he feels the excitement and projects it into his character voices capturing the attention of the listeners. Not many people have the range to do voices for both genders, but Pinchot does and does it very well.

There were no issues with the production, it was excellent.

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OK I Cant take it any more

Look this is a fantasy book. You have to suspend some disbelief.

But let's do some math. 60 Variants load into presumably 5-6 boats driven by human collaborators.

Hundreds die. Meg kills 4 explicitly. Fitz kills 17 that we know about. Red kills at least 6. The machine gun nest kills dozens as they "explode in gore". Various other unnamed soldiers kill "dozens and dozens". The dog even racks up 2 kills. The streets run with gore and the bodies pile waste high.

How many variants do you have left?

If you said "dozens and dozens"- lets conservatively call that 36, maybe 48. Then you are absolutely right.

Smith seems to do poorly at this type of math, which unfortunately creates an unrealistic scenario in my head, I just can't get past. I'm thinking, 'Ok, theyve killed 40 or so, just the boss and like 4 more to go." Then out of no where, there are hundreds more. This has gone on 4 books now, with minimal advancement of the plot, just the same story over again and again.

Will I buy the next book. Probably. But I am not happy about it. As an author, hes gotten progressively lazier. I'm going to give it a bit before I decide. I already know what is going to happen.

Idiot military command sends elite military force on idiotic pointless suicide mission. Hundreds of variants die- usually in "fountains of gore". They get cut off and surrounded and face insurmountable odds, which due to their badassness, they surmount. One main character dies or is injured. Doctor Kate is attacked. Beckam saves her. They share a tender moment, then idiot military command sends an elite military force on idiotic pointless suicide mission.
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- Gizmo

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-17-2015
  • Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.