• by James Follett
  • Narrated by full cast
  • 9 hrs and 39 mins
  • Radio/TV Program

Publisher's Summary

The acclaimed BBC Radio 4 space drama arrives in its entirety for the very first time, with a bonus introduction by creator and writer James Follett. The starship Challenger has been on a 115-year-long mission, exploring other galaxies for suitable Earth-like planets to colonise. The present crew of four were born on the ship and have never left it. But when the Challenger attempts to return to the crew's home planet, it discovers that the Earth has vanished!When they were first broadcast on radio, Earthsearch and Earthsearch II generated a flood of fan letters to Radio Times. Now at last their superb sound is available, digitally remastered for the first time. Also included is an introduction from James Follett, first broadcast as part of BBC7's "Men, Martians, and Machines".


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Customer Reviews

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Light entertainment!

This audio story is worth a credit, for sure. The story is interesting and very well "acted".

1) There is an intro by James Follet which I can only assume is supposed to be a "bonus"... it's boring. 15 minutes of (poorly spoken) blah blah blah.
2) the "sound effects" are loud and intrusive (and cheap - i.e. the gunfire sounds like tv white noise). When a chapter ends this is indicated by a squawk/whistle sound that is a couple points louder than the story itself. Yes, you can set your equalizer to make them better, but they are still annoying.
3) Interspersed throughout the chapters (more so in the second part) there are sound effects of rain, birds (squeaking), gunfire, and "radio" communications which you can't really hear properly since you'll have the volume turned down so the squawks and screams don't deafen you.
4) The story is broken into "chapters" and each chapter is prefaced with a brief description of what came before and is concluded with the names of the voice actors. If you were listening to it as a novel, this just breaks up the story (but if you were listening to it in parts, it does give you a recap so you can recall what has happened).

Overall, it's like listening to a light and fluffy television space drama show. The voice acting and light entertainment value earn it 4 stars.
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- crazybatcow "I like Jack Reacher style characters regardless of setting. Put them in outer space, in modern America, in a military setting, on an alien planet... no worries. Book has non moralistic vigilante-justice? Sign me up! (oh, I read urban fantasy, soft and hard sci-fi, trashy vampire and zombie novels too)"

Excellent Radio Play

Listening to one good reader is nice, Multiple professional actors reading the script is sheer joy! Much fuss has been made of "loud sound effects". Set your device's equalizer to reduce the treble (thus preserving the normal voice tones) which mainly come, at the last few seconds of each episode, thus can't possibly ruin such a long well produced series. The stories are very fast paced. (explained by the author in the forward as the director's need for 'pace') A very concise summary prior to the next chapter helps if too much time has passed for you between episodes. Part 2 has a bit comedic relief - (a tad of an over used gag.) The major plots are based on several classic science fiction themes. Each episode ends with a cliffhanger or dramatic plot revelation. Also the plot has many great twists and turns. Happily you won't have to wait a week, as original B.B.C. listeners did, for each new episode. I enjoyed it SO much (such a fun, easy to follow and fast paced plot) to listen twice. A great story that I had no trouble following. (Note: I save my 5th star for Shakespeare quality stories.) This story is ingenious, thrilling, well written with a very compelling overarching plot. That should be enough if you enjoy any good writing. The backdrop may be space, computers, and technology, but like any good writing the story itself is based on the human nature of its characters - even the android (human tissue containing to help them think) type computers.
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- Scott "Don't you just love a great story well told?"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-13-2006
  • Publisher: BBC Worldwide Limited