Democracy's Right : Democracy's Right

  • by Christopher G. Nuttall
  • Narrated by Johnny Heller
  • Series: Democracy's Right
  • 15 hrs and 36 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Empire
A tyranny stretching over thousands of worlds. The grand dreams of the founders are a joke. The Thousand Families, the rulers of the Empire, care nothing for anything save their own power. From the undercity of Earth to the new colonies at the Rim, discontent, anger, and rebellion seethe, but there is no hope of breaking the power of the Empire and freeing the trillions of enslaved humans and aliens.
The Rebel
Commander Colin Walker believed in the Empire until a treacherous superior officer betrayed him, forcing him to see the true nature of the force he served and his compliancy in terrible crimes. Now Colin has a plan: He and his followers in the Imperial Navy will seize their ships and rebel against the Thousand Families, uniting the thousands of rebel factions under his leadership. Their war will set the galaxy on fire.


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Customer Reviews

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An interesting but often repetitive story

Christopher G. Nuttall created a cast of characters from within the Imperial space navy born from old Earth and ruled by an aristocracy class having little concern for anyone who were not born into that class. Most of the officers in the navy owed their position and advancement hope to one of the great aristocratic houses and who didn't hesitate to exploit those of lower position to aid in their advancement; only to discard them once their usefulness was over. There was ample intrigue and betrayal which ultimately led to a rebellion. While the story itself was interesting, I found myself not really caring for any of the primary protagonists, even though some of them survived harmful mistreatment and some even unspeakable atrocities. On reflection, it is hard to say why but my thought is that the author seem to tell the characters successes and travails in somewhat of a matter-of-fact way.

Even so, I did enjoy the novel and am leaning toward continuing with the next novel in the series.
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- Sailfish

A new story and a good start

The plot is interesting. It may take while to warm up to Collin, the main character. The author is making a great effort at building characters - he even builds characters who get killed on the the next page lol. Bringing in the concept of the family 'House' and the Thousand Family rule gives the story an interesting slant as well. Not sure about the narrator however. In some of the battles the author puts us in the heads of the Empire's fleet leader and the Rebel fleet leader and it gets a bit confusing - I had to replay that section a couple times to tell which side's Super Dreadnaught was blown up.
The narrator doesn't excel at differentiating characters very well which contributes to the confusion.
Even so, the story is enjoyable and off to a good start.
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Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-02-2017
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing