Dead Team Alpha 2

  • by Jake Bible
  • Narrated by F.C. McAllister
  • 7 hrs and 21 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A fortified pocket of survivors tucked into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the former Boulder, Colorado. A culture based on military training and strength, the Stronghold is now the last bastion for the living. For nearly a century the Stronghold has thrived, rebuilding a small slice of civilization in the midst of a zombie-infested wasteland.
But that is all about to change.
The pride of the Stronghold, Dead Team Alpha, the elite strike force that helps keep not just the Zs, but crazies, cannibals, and cults from overrunning the walled sanctuary, is being put to the ultimate test, banding together with one of the community's most deadly enemies in order for all of humanity to survive.
Why would DTA need to put its trust in a crazy cult that almost killed them all? Because the Z herds are not lessening, they are getting bigger and stronger!
It is a race against time, as DTA struggles to defend the Stronghold from the millions of undead that march towards them, hungry for the last bits of living flesh left in a land that is nothing but death for as far as the eyes can see!


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Customer Reviews

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"T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Trouble."

Simply superb. Unlike book one which could be confusing with the quick introduction of large numbers of characters, many of whom live only briefly in the unrelenting fighting, our protagonists are more familiar, fewer in number (though just as likely to die) and there is one new main personality, Sister: irracible, demanding, older than those in the patrol, and killer extraordinary. Where most had sought the relative safety of the Stronghold or other secure communities, Sister had survived alone in the Wasteland for decades. But now, with the coming of the blind Code Monkey sect, the Cannies, crazies and the vast herds of Zs, numbering in their thousands, nowhere is safe. And as Denver falls, Sister needs to reach the Stronghold.

This is a book of very fast, almost constant action and the narration mirrors this. Mr.McCallister reads clearly but at a brisk pace, with a dry tone, never over emotional, thank goodness, allowing the text itself to tell the story. The inter-character dialogue, too, is quick and snappy, often black humour in the comments, and these are delivered well, not a vast array of voices, but appropriate and always clear as to speaker. A nice performance.

Well written, very visual, great characterisation, plenty of action, often funny, sometimes sad and always exciting: the tension grows as the vast hords of Zs converge and those weird and sinister Code Monkeys once again exert their influence. I was gifted this book be the rights holder, via Audiobook Boom. And I loved it. Thank you. Great fun for all action fans, even those who, like me, don't usually like zombies. There is a fair amount of bad language, as should be expected in horrendous, life threatening situations, but even this is often funny. A standalone, though it helps to have read book one. Recommended.
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- Kindle Customer

Over-the-top action.

Any additional comments?

I received a copy of this audio title for free in exchange for an unbiased review.I do hope people take the time to actually read the review and not just glance at my number of stars score (though I'll say the score is pretty good). Some of my favorite reviews-those that have actually gotten me to read some books-have been the ones that 'looked' negative at first. I do not consider this to be a negative review at all in fact I am pleased to say that this second book in the Dead Team Alpha series improves upon the original. It does however push the boundaries on believability. Granted it's fiction, but you can only suspend disbelief so far. Part of the problem comes from the fact that Mr. Bible has the book taking place over a hundred years after the zombie apocalypse takes place. With so much time having gone by the world is just not going to even closely resemble what it used to be. You aren't going to have people making a mad dash across a golf course because there is no way a golf course is going to exist, not in any recognizable fashion, it's simply going to have become a large overgrown field. Granted that isn't as big an issue as say getting a truck to work after 100 years, so many issues with that I'm not sure where to start. But the biggest issue is that one of the characters, Sister, is making modern day references without any context (at least until the last page and even then it isn't fully or really even partially explained). I pretty much knew who Sister was right away and while it seemed impossible that she would be alive, I kept waiting for an explanation of how it was possible (I have several theories) but her story was never told, not even a little. And We see more of the Code Monkeys, a very creepy and cool group from the first book, but again we didn't really get to know them at all. They play a huge role in this book, but we never got to understand them at all, which is a shame. And I'd love to have an explanation of how/why the trials were even set up? Now after the book was over, in the afterward, I found out that this series takes place in the same world as another of his series, so perhaps some of those answers are in those books. I may have to pick them up to find out.

The beauty of Mr. Bible's Dead Team Alpha series is that it doesn't take itself too seriously, which is a good thing. Now I am not opposed to swearing, and if I was in any of the situations that DTA found themselves in I am sure I'd be letting the expletives fly as well, but, no offense to Mr. Bible, much of the dialogue is down right cringe worthy. It almost sounds like it was written by a 15 year old who just realized they could swear without getting in trouble. Seriously, it almost seemed at times as if he was just trying to see how many swears he could fit into a single sentence at once. Often times it just came off sounding ridiculous. But as I noted, the book doesn't take itself too seriously so whatever. Just thought I'd mention it as a warning for anyone who is offended by harsh language. Forget the language, how is the action? Well, it's insane, pretty much nonstop and unapologetically over the top. It seemed like Mr. Bible took bits and pieces from some of his favorite movies and worked them into the story, everything from Indian Jones to Mission Impossible.

I think I might have said something similar in my review of the first book, but this would make a great movie for the SyFy Channel. This is like a summer blockbuster, the kind of movie (book) that you leave your brain at the door and just enjoy the insane ride. And please not that I do not consider that to be a bad thing at all. Books/movies/tv yes some of it can be quite serious, some try to teach you something, to get across some kind of message, but some you just experience for entertainment value, and I must say I was definitely entertained by this book. As I said, it seemed like Mr. Bible took bits and pieces of some of his(and my) favorite action flicks and merged them into a zombie tale. It's a blast and I certainly enjoyed the ride.

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- Amazon Customer "darknessdreaming"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-26-2016
  • Publisher: Jake Bible Fiction