Daybreak : Fate's Forsaken

  • by Shae Ford
  • Narrated by Derek Perkins
  • Series: Fate's Forsaken
  • 21 hrs and 58 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Midlan has awoken. Soldiers pour from between the gates, and monsters descend upon the kingdom. When Midlan turns its eye to Copperdock, Kael quickly discovers that no realm is safe from the wrath of the king. But while he fights to keep Crevan's soldiers away from his friends, other powers rise up behind him - including an army so terrible that it threatens to devour everything.
All paths lead to Midlan, every fate hinges upon a final battle, and the bloodshed will bring about a reckoning 1,000 years in the making - a plan woven by Fate herself. There's only one soul she can't cast for: a boy from the mountains who might undo everything if he isn't stopped. When Kael's journey carries him to the battle's end, he doesn't know that the fate of the kingdom rests upon his shoulders. The choice he makes will forever change his world...and bring him to the story's end.


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Customer Reviews

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From the Five Corners of the Kingdom

Contents are PG-13. No sex, no F-bombs, but plenty of bloody warfare. The series ends on a happy note after allies from all five regions finally converge to confront King Crevan at Castle Midlan. Allies include pirates and fisherfolk from The High Seas, mercenaries from The Grand Forest, giants from The Endless Plains, wild whisperers from The Unforgivable Mountains, and mot warriors from the desert. They all converge on the castle because of what takes place in each region, in the first half of the book.

The king is determined to tighten control on the five regions, so his atrocities are merciless. He employs a maddened dragon, a troop of mages, his imperial soldiers, and his tormented beasts. Lord Gilderick and his zombie fallows also wreak havoc. There is a good deal of death everywhere. However, help comes from some surprising quarters — heroes are born from secondary characters and from a few enemies-turned-allies (Kael and Kyleigh are busy elsewhere).

The final battle is vivid and detailed. Nicely done! It consumed most of the final quarter of the book, with a few chapters left for happy-ever-afters. Warriors finally rest their swords, settling down to have babies and brew beer...or whatever. Even the cursed shape-changers and their beleaguered shaman find peace.

A solid conclusion to the series. I liked what Ford decided to do with the Beastmaster Lion-Man, and with the dragon-changer Dorcha/Devin. I was glad Ford employed a number of heroes, with Kael and Kyleigh one of many.

Quibbles: A good book, but...

In this series, the tone vacillates oddly from seriously grim to almost comedic (Jonathan's fiddle, Gwen's temper, wild men shennanigans). Also, pacing is off: I felt the time in the Motherlands (where the dragons live) went on too long, deviating from the plot (loved a few of the scenes in that section, however). I also felt the scene towards the end, when Kael strives against Death and Fate, went on too long.

The ending was just a bit too sappy happy cotton candy. But I'd rather that than dark and hopeless, or being left in limbo.

Ps. I'm all for tolerance, but couple a giant with a mot? 12 feet with 4?

Narration is flawless.
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- Skipper "A trilogy. Say it in three. Done."

A Great Mix

Just the right mix of horrified "oh my gosh Shae Ford isn't going to do THAT", laughter, and conclusion(s).

While her writing is not as detailed as a Tolkien, or Brandon Sanderson, etc. the world is engaging (even if the geography is not..... but hey if the worst I have to say about a book is that its GEOGRAPHY is cliché.... I would say that is quite the accomplishment).

The major difference between this book and others in the series is that you are not Only/just following Kael's world view, but many of is friends as well.

Having trust that an author is going to have written something that appeals to you, and that the work in front of yous is something you would gladly purchase again, is a great thing. I know that anything I buy from Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, Kevin Hearne, etc. are going to match my desires. I now add Ms. Ford to that list.
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- Michael Jack

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-01-2016
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing