Dark Titan Journey : Dark Titan

  • by Thomas A. Watson
  • Narrated by Jaret Sears
  • Series: Dark Titan
  • 7 hrs and 57 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The ultimate prepper's adventure. The journey begins here!
Nathan Owens was just topping up his tank when the gas pump stopped working. So did the radio. And the lights. Then planes starting falling out of the sky, and plutonium-powered satellites began to explode.
A massive solar storm - the Coronal Mass Event that had been predicted for years - finally hit Earth, and the electromagnetic pulse it created instantaneously threw the world back to the Bronze Age. Soon, the radioactive fallout from space would spread death and disease across the globe.
Owens and his friends had been preparing for something like this for years, and now it had finally happened. But when it came, it came at the worst possible time. He was 1,000 miles away from his family and his redoubt - and it was his only chance to survive the dark days ahead. If he ever hoped to escape, he would have to draw together a team of survivalists to save those nearby before he could even begin the last, most important journey of his life.
And there was one thing he hadn't counted on at all: the EOTWAWKI wasn't just a natural disaster. There was a sinister, almost omnipotent human force, behind it...and it wanted him dead.


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This one will make you use Audible's return policy

I don't know Thomas Watson, or his prepping or vocational background, but his protagonist isn't someone most people could probably relate to. He's a single nurse that contracts all over the country and makes a huge amount of money which he dumps into prepping. Plus, he's a Reserve Sheriff's Deputy that's a member of a special response unit and has a trained working dog that travels with him. So, to be clear, the protag is rich(ish) medically trained, highly tactically proficient LEO (in his spare time) with a dog that's smarter than most of the secondary characters.

In Watson's book, Nathan (the protag) spends days (the whole book mostly) acting as this Prepper Messiah to a group of store employees and a stranded family while defending the store from the growing civil unrest. Nearly every decision the Nathan made was counterintuitive to most experienced people who prepare for similar disasters. For example, after he's stranded by the EMP, he spends thousands of dollars buying last minute supplies at this particular store/restaurant/casino most of the book is set at. He bought so much that I expected him to try and buy a working car or ATV to start his 2000 mile trip home. Nope, well over 100lb pack and he's going to walk it. Hahaha; no way.

Beyond that, the character seems written more for an action movie than a realistic treatment of a disaster. Nathan kills people with the same nonchalance has opening an envelope with no reason or explanation as to why he can do this. In better books people defend themselves without hesitation, but they understand the gravity of their actions despite the necessity of it. As many military and LEO veterans know, just because the taking of a life is justified, sanctioned, or within the ROE, you still live with it. Mr. Watson never conveys this with his character.

Every time Nathan is about to put on his "hero hat" he has to make some sort of cheesy comment that had me rolling my eyes. Not one LEO I know would run up to a group of guys about to loot a store and yell "Pain train's coming! Who wants tickets?" or something similar. You just can't take this work seriously with content like that. Its pretty consistent throughout the book, as is his character's need to always remind people "I'm a cop." I should've counted how many times Nathan played that card, even when doing illegal things himself... "Its okay, I'm a cop". If he was going to throw out his moral compass after the disaster that's fine, but to constantly hide behind his badge became a worn out plot device.

Anyway that's about it. I'll be getting my Audible credit back on this one.

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- Brad B. ""Do what you can with what you have, wherever you are.""

haters really hated

I liked this book. It's not the best but far from the worst. I don't like reviews for thus book it nearly kept me from downloading it, thankful I did. This book us worth a shot. The main man is a prepped group unto himself with all his training and knowledge. I really dislike in the comments about how unrealistic the guy was. ITS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER! anyway give it a chance or not the choice is yours audible will refund the credit if you are unsatisfied. My vet is a former navy SEaL he has a rescue for dogs that are trained in S&R and by nephews orthodontist is a former EOD tech and NLDSA winner. I'm just some random jerk from Michigan whose to say was a wealthy guy does with his money if he is so inclined.
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- Jason

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-16-2015
  • Publisher: Permuted Press