DEAD: The Ugly Beginning : DEAD

  • by TW Brown
  • Narrated by Andrew McFerrin
  • Series: DEAD
  • 11 hrs and 22 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The unthinkable has happened. The dead are walking! Humanity's fragile thread may be reaching its bitter end. Individuals and groups struggle to survive...some at any cost. Will there be anybody left? Or, is this just..The Ugly Beginning?


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extremely graphic and brutal

Any additional comments?

wow! people either loved this book or hated it. i think that's what attracted me to it. i wanted to see what all the fuss was about! after listening to it, i can definitely see why some people didn't like it.

so let's start there...

i guess the biggest complaint is the violence against women. yup, i agree. it's brutal and sadistic. it's the most graphic and extreme i've ever listened to. but it provokes your emotions. i think that is the author's point. it brings home the meaning of an apocylapse, and the end of all civility. i liken it to a terrible accident. some slow down to look while others are too horrified. i can see how this "torture porn" can definitely put some people off. me? i was shocked by the sheer brutality of the character, garrett, but he is only in the vignettes.

this leads me to the structure of the book. throughout the story, there are 2 main story lines. one follows steve, who is a regular guy that gets caught up in a zombie apocylapse. he has no skills and no weapons. all he starts out with is a repair truck he stole. the other group is a young group of nerdy guys, who are online chatting as the zombie apocylapse begins. they decide to stock up what they have in their cars and meet in order to get out of the city.

interspersed between these 2 story lines are vignettes. within these, there are a couple of mini stories and one shot stories. there are like 8 vignettes throughout the story. the 2 mini stories follow juan, a homeless guy and former convict, and garrett, a psychopathic rapist. both mini stories are filled with extreme human on human violence. each vignette has 3 or 4 stories in it and lasts about 15 minutes.

with all of these story lines, it's hard to bond with the main characters. you don't really get a feel for them until 3/4 of the way through the book. plus, there's no notification that the story has changed story lines. it's kind of confusing. a few times when i wasn't listening closely, i was like, "what? what's going on here?" i had to rewind to find the switch.

this is a very graphic story. i must say the author does a great job describing and differentiating what the zombies look like and how they attack and feed. very gory stuff! but the zombies don't hold a candle to what man does to other men and women.

by the end of the story, i was engrossed enough to download the second book. hey! i'm a sucker for zombie series. i will say i liked book 2 better than book 1 b/c you actually get to know the characters better.

download at your own risk!

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- Mike Naka

A Solid Zombie Tale

A tale of two books ‘Dead: The Ugly Beginning’ is a solid zombie read. The first one third to half of this book is gore, gore and more gore. Everyone who dies does so in terribly painful way. This part of the story is all action and setting the scene for the second half of the book. I didn’t really like this part of the book because it felt more like whip around news coverage of the zombie apocalypse which no story or plot direction. The second half of the story was great as there is a good balance of both gore and action along with an actual plot. The characters are easy to like and wild and the book is well written. Despite the first half I was going to give it four stars but then it ended with no real resolution to the pending story lines which is one of my pet peeves so it’s it gets three starts in my rating but consider it a three start plus book.

Mr McFerrin does a good job with all of the charaters in his narration!
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- Drew (@drewsant)

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-25-2013
  • Publisher: May December Publications, LLC