DEAD: Snapshot : DEAD: Snapshot

  • by TW Brown
  • Narrated by TW Brown
  • Series: DEAD: Snapshot
  • 8 hrs and 33 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

WARNING: This book contains graphic content that may upset sensitive listeners. Dateline: Leeds, England - Reports have flooded in about the dead returning to life and attacking the living. These reports are confirmed and all citizens are warned that there may not be any immediate help forthcoming.
When all order is stripped away, what direction will normal people take in the end? Shadiyah Kasim has witnessed a brutal attack on her sister, she seeks vengeance. Not on the dead that are wiping out humanity, but on the living that harmed her sister.
Simon Wood was about to start a life as a police officer. His sister died after what seemed like little more than a scratch inflicted by an attacker that she had dismissed as nothing more than a crazed scratter.
When the dead take over, two people are left to decide in what direction they will travel with what remains of their lives. Do the old definitions of good and evil still hold true?
Welcome to DEAD: Snapshot - Leeds England.


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does score brownie points for doing his research

This book is a part of a series of zombie novels, set in different geographical locations that you can follow using Google maps, which is a pretty cool idea!

The story is your typical zombie apocalypse romp, starting off with headlines about infection on the news until it becomes too obvious for anyone to deny the seriousness of the situation any more. A ragtag bunch of survivors slowly moving their way to a greater community. Along the way, they discover that the undead aren’t the only ones to fear in this horrible new world, people are using the lawlessness to their advantage and raping and pillaging their way around town.

Unfortunately, Shadiyah’s 16 year old sister is alone in a flat when this is going on and is savagely attacked by other humans (serious trigger warnings here for victims of sexual assault, steer well clear if this is a problem for you). Shadiyah then well and truly loses her mind as becomes what she sees as some kind of avenging angel and starts taking out people as well as the undead to try to save as many lives as possible.

Simon, her friend from way back when, was a trainee police officer before the undead took over and he still believes in the ideas of law and order, he chooses a different path and tries to unite and help his fellow humans, you’ll have to listen to this story to see which path works when the dead come to town.

The audio quality of this book is excellent however I can’t say that I enjoyed the performance, for a very specific reason. The author narrates his own story, which is a very risky move in any event, but this book is set in Leeds, an area of the UK with a very strong regional accent, and he reads the entire book in a variety of different American accents.

Absolute turn off in my mind, if you’re going to write a book set in a location that isn’t native to you then you should hire a narrator who can do the accent – he did beg for the listeners forgiveness in the prologue to this book but I’m afraid I’m not a merciful listener (sorry T.W. Brown!) when it comes to this.
I will say this though, the quality of his narration is excellent and I would have enjoyed it immensely if it fit in with the story.

For the most part, his representation of British culture is pretty good so he does score brownie points for doing his research but a few turns of phrase did stand out and break the scene for me.

This a good character centred zombie apocalypse story, with your traditional shamblers and heartache.

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Oh no moment!

I had one of those 'oh no' moments when I first purchased this title.I was not aware this was the second book in a series - was this one going to make any sense? But I needed have worried because one of the unique things about this series is that you the reader can contact the author with a location for the next in the series. You just have to explain why you think the location would be a good one. Apparently, only one or two characters are involved in other locations. So in reality it makes no difference if you are reading or listening to the first or the second or the eighth for that matter! It really is seperate zombie stories based upon suggested locations given to the author.

I got to admit I like this idea of the author, it is a novel idea and I am happy to say I think the author has the talent to make it work!

Speaking of the authors talent, he is also the narrator for this title and he really does an excellent job with that as well. Far better then some I have heard recently on new releases!

Strangely I couldn’t help but think of R. R Haywood’s ‘Undead’ series. Perhaps it was just the location (England) and or the similar name, perhaps it might even be the cover design which have the same sort of layout? This one certainly doesn’t go down the same path as the ‘Undead’ series in looking at the reason or even nature of the zombie outbreak. But it is equally as entertaining!

DEAD: Snapshot: Leeds, England does have a couple of surprises I can’t give to much away but it does remind me a little of
Z Children: Awakening: Children of the Z, Book 1 which I reviewed earlier.

The start of the audio title includes a bit of information about the series and just some of the observations from the author about his writings. It is clear the author is certainly doing his best to improve his art! I personally will be looking out for his writings in the future.

I particularly enjoyed the ending and thought this seriously could be turned into a great series in itself.

It is a two thumbs up from this fast fatman!
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Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-26-2016
  • Publisher: Under the Stairs LLC