Code Zero : Joe Ledger

  • by Jonathan Maberry
  • Narrated by Ray Porter
  • Series: Joe Ledger
  • 16 hrs and 3 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

For years the Department of Military Sciences has fought to stop terrorists from using radical bioweapons - designer plagues, weaponized pathogens, genetically modified viruses, and even the zombie plague that first brought Ledger into the DMS. These terrible weapons have been locked away in the world’s most secure facility. Until now. Joe Ledger and Echo Team are scrambled when a highly elite team of killers breaks the unbreakable security and steals the world’s most dangerous weapons. Within days there are outbreaks of mass slaughter and murderous insanity across the American heartland. Can Joe Ledger stop a brilliant and devious master criminal from turning the Land of the Free into a land of the dead?
Code Zero, a Joe Ledger novel from Jonathan Maberry, is the exciting direct sequel to Patient Zero.


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Back Off! Or I'll Bite

Yeah, yeah, good stuff, fun listen, wild can't go wrong with the most fun series you can get your teeth into. If you've read my reviews on Maberry's Ledger, you know he is my guilty pleasure, and I even offered to take up a collection so team Jon-Ray could devote all of their time to collaborating. So, I'm going to voice my opinion here safely among my fellow devotees and ask you all to take a step back, stand down (cut me some love). Here goes: needed MORE Ghost, more Bunny, more monsters, more story, more nifty weapons. This story leaned heavily on fist time and the guys running, a little too witlessly, into another trap to fight their way out of -- no complaints...It's just, if the story is going to rely on fight scenes for half the pages, can't Maberry at least churn out the stories faster?

Now that I've probably alienated my peer group of rabid Maberry/Porter fans, a helpful recommendation: Code Zero can stand on its own, but really needs (at least) Dragon Factory as a prelude. There ya go -- let the tomato-chucking-*no*-help-button-pressing begin!
[BTW: The Emperor was naked -- yeah; I said it!]
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- Mel

code zero! need i say more?

Any additional comments?

throughout this series, joe ledger has fought just about every kind of worst nightmare imaginable and has managed to come out the other side. i have enjoyed this series b/c it's like a modern day, 21st century james bond, but only meaner, grittier, bloodier, and a lot more scarier.

joe ledger's enemies are over the top, and when i start a new ledger book, i always look forward to what kind of enemy jonathan maberry will throw against the dms. just when you've thought that the dms has fought the cleverest of enemies, maberry introduces a new enemy, who is perhaps the most insidious and devious the dms has ever faced.

maberry does a good job building the backstory of the enemy so that he/she/it is truly a formidable adversary. for most of the story, the dms are scratching their heads at who could be doing these things. part of the excitement of the story is watching the dms pull the layers of the onion back, trying to discover the identity of their enemy.

of course, the action scenes are full-throttle, and there are only a few others who can pen them as well as maberry. as with most of the other stories in this series, this is a fast-paced thrill ride from start to finish with a few heartfelt moments dropped in along the way.

i guess my main complaint is that with so many characters to love, only a few get to the chance "to burn to shine." but we do get to know one dms character a little better. i won't say, but i will give you a hint. which dms member do you loathe?

i love ray porter's narration. ray porter IS joe ledger. he's also incredibly good at portraying all of the other characters.

overall, code zero is one of my favorite books in this series! after an ok 4th book and a kind of out of left field 5th book, i'd say back on track. i liked those books but not as much as the others.

are you still reading this review? what are you waiting for? download this audio book and start the adventure. it's a treat for your ears!

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- Mike Naka

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-25-2014
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio