Champion for Hire : Portals of Infinity

  • by John Van Stry
  • Narrated by Rob Shamblin
  • Series: Portals of Infinity
  • 5 hrs and 40 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

William is just your typical engineer fresh out of college with a stressful job, a boring life, and not a lot of prospects of anything better in the future.
Until one weekend while hiking in the woods he stumbles across a portal to another time, or perhaps another place. The more he investigates this new world, the more he realizes that it may just be able to offer him a lot more than the one he's been living in.
However, there are forces at work beyond anything that Will has ever come across before and the local Goddess seems to have taken a liking to him. Will may soon find himself getting an offer and cannot afford to refuse.


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Customer Reviews

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A fun pulp Fantasy adventure romp.

I was given a copy of this book by the author, in return for an unbiased review. OK, that being said, I really enjoyed the book. It has got a nice pulp sensibility to it, Like something an early Roger Zelazny or Jack Chalker would have written. unabashedly unpolitically correct, it is as subtle as a dagger to the ribs, in a good way. in a genre that has gotten so PC, the author has decided to write a fantasy that Doc Smith or RE Howard would have been proud to call their own. The story involves, Will, a young engineer on vacation with his friends when he stumbles through a portal to another world. The natives are human, and society seems to resemble the middle ages. He quickly assimilates, and determines on a course he can make money on, by transporting bows of each world to the other, where the handcrafted bows of the fantasy world sell for big money here, while fiberglass bows sell for high prices in the fantasy world. He meets a woman in the Inn he stays in, and starts a relationship with her. He starts taking sword lessons from a local swordsman, and keeps traveling between the worlds, until one day he comes back to earth and can't get back. He ends up at a Ren Faire as a performer, learning different skills, until he is called upon to fulfill his true Purpose. A god calls upon him to be a Champion, and he takes up the Mantle in yet another world, where he meets a queen, fights a war, beds some women, including the Queen, and finds out his true purpose, which is much grander than he knew. I wont say what that is, but it seems to be one I'll be reading the rest of the series to find out. Lots of battle action, solo fights and adventures in this book. The characters are fun, with actual masculine make characters and some actually feminine female ones, as well as some badass women warriors too. There is also magic, Gods that manifest, and a nicely developed set of world, with lots of room to expand the story. I recommend this book to any fans of old Zelazny and Chalker stories, as well as some of the older Heinlein stories, such as Glory Road.
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- Steve H. Caldwell "Book Maniac"

Absolutely Loved It!

Wow i really enjoyed this book. When I read the synopsis I got the impression it was going to be one of those D&D books where some modern guy falls though a hole and appears in a world worthy of a 20 sided die. I listened to the audio clip but it had only humans and they were using some old english words here and there. That was confusing. Where were the elfs? The other thing that struck me as different, was that... the writer and publisher are the same. Self published? I wanted something different so I gave it a try. I was blown away. This isn't a D&D book or a medieval setting found via a magic doorway. The title gives you a hint by using the word "portals". It's a parallel worlds book. Not only that but you latter find out that everytime someone steps through one they are changed to fit into that particular reality. This creates a lot of potential for future content being that in one reality you are an engineer in another you are a mage. Besides height and build alterations there can also be changes of species. Where would I put the tail when I sit? That is a question you might ask yourself if you buy the book.
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- Kindle Customer

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-10-2014
  • Publisher: John Van Stry