Broken Mirrors : Marla Mason

  • by T. A. Pratt
  • Narrated by Jessica Almasy
  • Series: Marla Mason
  • 9 hrs and 55 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A Marla Mason novel! She's an ass-kicking sorcerer who doesn't wear a leather catsuit, doesn't suffer from low self-esteem, doesn't wallow in angst, and is almost always absolutely certain she's right... even when she's dead wrong. What about Broken Mirrors? It's got monsters. It's got sarcasm. It's got death, betrayal, ancient gods, dark doppelgangers, mirror worlds, wisecracks, artifacts, oracles, and magical daggers. Oh... and a cloak.


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Customer Reviews

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OMG! The best series EVER is back!

I'm a HUGE T. A. Pratt fan and was delighted just to be able to read this novel as an e-book! Now it's on Audible (and has the amazing Jessica Almasy reading it), and I'm over the moon! If you haven't tried the Marla Mason series and you love fantasy, you'll love this series. It fast, funny and smart. The dialogue is laugh-out-loud funny, and the originality of the world T.A. created never fails to surprise. How awesome is that! (Just remember to start with book 1 -- they're all great!)
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- bluestategirl "I need more ears!"

Marla's Age of ApocalypMason

A good series is like the perfect comfort food. You know more or less what you're going to get if you've been here before, and you take pleasure in that familiarity. The Marla Mason books are my comfort food. I love the wicked sense of humor and no-nonsense Marla provides, and I love the way Jessica Almasy reads her. I could be up for a dozen more adventures of this character.

Broken Mirrors finds Marla Mason at odds with her few friends and confidants as she attempts to do the impossible - resurrect her slain apprentice, Bradley Bowman. Resurrection turns out to be impossible, so Marla opts for the next best thing: removing a different Bradley Bowman from an alternate universe. Unfortunately for her, this has a couple of unexpected consequences: 1) The B-Bowman isn't so keen on being taken from the universe he was in, and 2) Marla's own alternate - the Mason, and her murderous associate Crapsy (alt. Rondeau) are also pulled into Marla's universe.

While our Marla and Rondeau take the B-Bowman back to his own universe, and agree to aide him in fighting a revolution, the Mason and Crapsy go on a killing spree that leads them all the way to an unprotected Fellport. In the Mason, Marla finds her most dangerous foe - a darker, more vicious version of herself. And I think it's probably the best villain of the series.

It really feels like Pratt was pulling out all the stops with this one. This was the first of the Marla books that he self-published, and I suspect he realized that it might very well have been the last (thankfully, it isn't). We see characters that we've gotten to know over the past four novels (and short stories) fall, which was more of a punch to the gut than I expected. On the other hand, traveling to the alternate universe and seeing a lot of characters that have appeared in and/or died in the previous books was a sheer joy. It's the Marla Mason equivalent of Days of Future Past or Age of Apocalypse (which Pratt said he read for "research." Yes, we all feel so much woe for how hard it must be on him to write these books.)

All in all, Broken Mirrors is as much fun as it could possibly be, and a must for fans of this series.
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- Dave "I'm a big fan of SF/F/Horror, and all things in between and out."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-06-2011
  • Publisher: Audible Studios