Bloodfire Quest : Dark Legacy of Shannara

  • by Terry Brooks
  • Narrated by Rosalyn Landor
  • Series: Dark Legacy of Shannara
  • 12 hrs and 56 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The adventure that started in Wards of Faerie takes a thrilling new turn, in the second novel of New York Times best-selling author Terry Brooks’ brand-new trilogy - The Dark Legacy of Shannara!
The quest for the long-lost Elfstones has drawn the leader of the Druid order and her followers into the hellish dimension known as the Forbidding, where the most dangerous creatures banished from the Four Lands are imprisoned. Now the hunt for the powerful talismans that can save their world has become a series of great challenges: a desperate search for kidnapped comrades, a relentless battle against unspeakable predators, and a grim race to escape the Forbidding alive. But though freedom is closer than they know, it may come at a terrifying price.
Back in the village of Arborlon, the mystical, sentient tree that maintains the barrier between the Four Lands and the Forbidding is dying. And with each passing day, as the breach between the two worlds grows larger, the threat of the evil eager to spill forth and wreak havoc grows more dire. The only hope lies with a young Druid, faced with a staggering choice: Cling to the life she cherishes or combat an army of darkness by making the ultimate sacrifice.


What the Critics Say

"Terry Brooks has been my constant companion over a lifetime of exploring my beloved fantasy genre. I say with all honesty I would not be writing epic fantasy today if not for Shannara. If Tolkien is the grandfather of modern fantasy, Terry Brooks is its favorite uncle." (Peter V. Brett, New York Times best-selling author of The Daylight War)
"The Shannara books were among the first to really capture my imagination. My daydreams and therefore my stories will always owe a debt to Terry Brooks." (Brandon Mull, number-one New York Times best-selling author of the Beyonders and Fablehaven series)


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Customer Reviews

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Once Again, Terry Brooks Delivers The Goods!

I own a copy of every Shannara book in the series, and every audiobook, as well.

Does that make me a bit prejudice? I confess that it COULD. Would I, as a reviewer, be more judgmental? Quite possibly.

Want to know more? Read on, Audible listener, as this will be a positive, yet mixed, review.

First, the Shannara series reflects Brook's attitude toward each work, sometimes strong and positive, sometimes not so much. As a whole, I truly LOVE his writing, and where he's taken, and is taking, the rich and complex characters within. I've had many conversations with his readers over the years, and some the conversations were quite, shall we say...demonstrative? It's just that people either LOVE his Shannara writings, or aren't as thrilled with them. It's pretty straightforward, and expected. When you have such a wonderful writer as Brooks to enjoy, this happens. Again, good writing causes minor but spirited controversy and major but good-natured arguments.

In this case, The Dark Legacy of Shannara, the second book in the Bloodfire Quest, I've already had two such conversations, and expect more. Why?

This book is VERY good writing, has VERY good character development, and it obviously comes from a heartfelt and creative period in Terry Brooks’ life. It's astounding to me how he can create such strong emotional plotlines with his characters and create such a sense of urgency in his writing. Regarding these aspects, this book is amazing, to say the very least, and I am pleased to have it, and to have read it/listened to it.

But. (Yes, there IS a but)...

Brooks employs a MAJOR part of the plotline that he already has used in one of his previous novels, "The Elfstones Of Shannara," and it's going to bother die-hard Shannara fans to no end. And. It starts right out of the gate. Right in your face. Once again, the mystical tree that holds off the forbidding is dying, and without giving the rest of the plotline away, something has to happen. Brooks' readers know what this "something" is, and some Brooks fans are not going to be overly thrilled at this. Please, no offense, but get over it, folks. This work is bigger than that - A LOT bigger.

Understand that this does in NO WAY take away from the wonderful work you will listen to herein - That is, if you're smart enough to crack open that dusty wallet or purse and squeak out that valuable Audible credit. BE PATIENT. As the plot unfolds, it's worth the wait, and if you're anything like me, you'll be glad you did!

As usual, I'm not giving anything critical away in this review. Again, the journey's the thing here, as important as the destination. Here's what I WILL tell you:

There is such solid, descriptive and engaging writing in this novel, that it you're like me, you'll be swept into Brooks' latest effort. I went into this very neutral, and frankly, I feel that I've made the right choice in acquiring this exceptional work, will read it again, and will wait with anticipation for the next in the series.

Also, Rosalyn Landor is a stand-apart narrator, and I for one, feel she adds to the work beautifully. If you've read my past reviews, you know I can be extremely harsh on narrators. Brutal. Unforgiving. They can enrich or ruin an audiobook. In this case, I feel there are very few narrators that could do this work (AND the previous narration work in the first of the Bloodfire novels) the justice it deserves as she has done here. Well done, Ms. Landor. VERY well done.

If you've NOT read the Shannara series, please begin a wonderful journey you won't regret! If you've read the first novel in the Bloodfire Quest series, buy this audiobook. If not, buy that audiobook first, and look for my upcoming review on book one. Hint: It's going to be a positive one!

So the verdict is in: In a word, awesome.

Once again, Terry Brooks delivers the goods!
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- Michael

Not Terry's best works IMHO

What did you like best about Bloodfire Quest? What did you like least?

Terry Brooks was my introduction into Fantasy, and I have been a long time fan since "The Sword of Shannara". I've enjoyed the world he created and the stories he told, but as the series grew on, they started to become formulaic. Certainly he's explored different aspects of that world, different politics and occasionally created some great events. Elfstones of Shannara was perhaps one of his very best (along with "Antrax"), and this latest trilogy builds on much of the elfstone mythology. However, the story arc of of this particular trilogy (to date) has been fairly predictable. The 2 "big reveals" in the past two books were evident (to me anyways) from very early on in Book 1, Wards of Faerie. The characters are still pretty much the same as he's written before with new names (although perhaps with some gender reversals this time, which is interesting). What is intriguing is the regularity with which main characters die in this book- much of this trilogy has been little more than a slaughter at times, which is certainly a departure from previous writings. But it does leave you with a sense of hopelessness that you never had in previous works- the original quest gets fairly lost, if not outright forgotten by the end of this book as the remaining characters struggle to just stay alive.

Any additional comments?

If you're a Books fan, you're going to get this regardless, because you're invested in the world he's created. I don't really see this work as better than it's predecessors, although Terry is trying to explore new ground here, it just feels that the tools he has are getting a bit long in the tooth- though perhaps that speaks more to my growth as a discerning reader as I've branched out into other authors and story lines than it speaks of Terry's career. Still, I am a fan and will get the next book when it comes out, more out of nostalgia than truly being invested in the characters or the storyline at this point (though I am curious to see where it winds up).

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- Christopher "Residential architect in Texas. Avid fan of Tolkien and Sanderson (are there 2 more opposite fantasy writers?) Very varied tastes in writing"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-12-2013
  • Publisher: Random House Audio