Blood of Dragons : The Rain Wild Chronicles

  • by Robin Hobb
  • Narrated by Anne Flosnik
  • Series: The Rain Wild Chronicles
  • 16 hrs and 9 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Years ago, the magnificent dragon queen Tintaglia forged a bargain with the inhabitants of the treacherous Rain Wilds. In exchange for her protection against enemy invaders, the humans promised to protect an unhatched brood of dragons. But when the dragons emerged as weak and misshapen hatchlings unable to fend for themselves, dragonkind seemed doomed to extinction. When even Tintaglia deserted the crippled young dragons, the Rain Wilders abandoned the burden of caring for the destructive and ravenous creatures. They were banished to a dangerous and grueling journey in search of their ancient dragon homeland, the lost city of Kelsingra, accompanied by a band of young and inexperienced human keepers, also deemed damaged and disposable.
Against all odds they have found the fabled city, yet myriad challenges remain. Sintara, Mercor, Heeby, Relpda, and the rest of the dragons struggle to find their wings - and their independence. Their human escorts, too, must contend with unsettling upheaval: Thymara, Tats, Rapskal, Sedric, and the others are transforming into Elderlings - true dragon companions. As old rules give way to new alliances, secret fears, and adult desires, the keepers must redefine their lives as they attempt to reawaken Kelsingra to its former glory. But gaps in the dragons' memories leave them all struggling to recover the magic that once animated the great city.
As the young Elderlings risk "memory walking" in the city's hidden history, an outside threat is growing. The Duke of Chalced has dispatched his forces to the Rain Wilds with a compelling mission: slaughter the dragons in an attempt to stave off his own demise. The tide of history is about to turn on a life-and-death battle that will ultimately decide the dragons' fate. If they win, the regal serpents will rule the world once more. And if they lose, they will vanish from the world forever.


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Customer Reviews

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These are Dragons worth reading about. These Dragons have complex personalities, yet their character stays within the bounds set in previous literature on dragons. They are arrogant, lack empathy, believe humans are either meant to serve them or be food, and you will love them. You could not substitute any other animal in their place, they are distinctly Dragons.

Robin Hobb has uncanny insight into the human psyche. She knows all the complex and simple thoughts that go through our heads. She understands how we feel as we interact with others, how words or actions can affect us, based on our personalities. I love it when she touches on those things we often think about, but never vocalize. She offers advice through her characters with out being preachy and you may not even realize she is doing it. She is not overly dramatic, nor does she skip over what makes us real. Most of all she is entertaining, never boring.

This being the fourth and finally book of the series, you should start with at least book one of this series. I suggest that you start with The Liveship Traders Trilogy. It is the series just before this series and both series share some characters. This series is a stand alone series, but will make even better sense if you read Ship of Magic and it's two sequels first.

I love Anne Flosnik for Robin Hobb's Fantasies. Her voice has a very unique quality, that puts you into Hobb's world of Dragons, right from page one. She does not do a whole lot of voices, but Hobb's writing is so good, you will never get your characters mixed up and she does it without the he says, she says scenario. She is sort of the female version of John Lee.

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- Jim "The Impatient" "My taste differs from kid books to gory horror books."

This is the Robin Hobb whose writing I've loved

I have been following this series with hope. This installment reminds me of why I love Hobb's books. Excellent writing- great resolutions, significant progress in the story.

If you have enjoyed other series by Hobb, you will like this installment. In my opinion, it accomplished a lot more than earlier installments.
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- Joe

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-09-2013
  • Publisher: HarperAudio