• by Michael J. Sullivan, Mark Lawrence, Lian Hearn, Anthony Ryan, Paul S. Kemp, Carol Berg, Richard Lee Byers
  • Narrated by Steven Brand, Michael Page, Scott Aiello, Lauren Fortgang, Nick Podehl
  • 20 hrs and 21 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Rogues. Assassins. Mercenaries.
Whether by coin or by will pay.
A fantasy anthology featuring the deadly, the worldly, and the sneaky. Blackguards consists mainly of stories in established series, and the authors range from wildly successful indie authors to New York Times best sellers. If you enjoy roguish tales of scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells, this one's for you.

Foreword by Glen Cook (Black Company)
Carol Berg, "Seeds"
Richard Lee Byers, "Troll Trouble"
David Dalglish, "Take You Home"
James Enge, "Thieves at the Gate"
John Gwynne, "Better to Live than to Die"
Lian Hearn, "His Kikuta Hands"
Snorri Kristjansson, "A Kingdom and a Horse"
Joseph Lallo, "Seeking the Shadow"
Mark Lawrence, "The Secret"
Tim Marquitz, "A Taste of Agony"
Peter Orullian, "A Length of Cherrywood"
Cat Rambo, "The Subtler Art"
Laura Resnick, "Friendship"
Mark Smylie, "Manhunt"
Kenny Soward, "Jancy's Justice"
Shawn Speakman, "The White Rose Thief"
Jon Sprunk, "Sun and Steel"
Anton Strout, "Scream"
Michael J. Sullivan, "Professional Integrity"
Django Wexler, "The First Kill"
Paul S. Kemp, "A Better Man"
James A. Moore, "What Gods Demand"
Jean Rabe, "Mainon"
Bradley P. Beaulieu, "Irindai"
S. R. Cambridge, "The Magus and the Betyar"
Clay Sanger, "The Long Kiss"
Please note: "The Lord Collector" by Anthony Ryan, which appears in the print edition of Blackguards, is not included in this audio edition.
Full cast of narrators includes: Richard Poe, Gabra Zackman, Karyn O'Bryant, Macleod Andrews, Ray Porter, Tim Gerard Reynolds, John Keating, Kevin T. Collins, David DeVries, Elijah Alexander, Allyson Johnson, Oliver Wyman, and Victor Bevine.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Great BOOK. Disturbing FORMAT ( Streaming ONLY no Download)

I can't help imagining some engineer in Seattle about to ruin Audible for those of us who don't spend our whole lives bathed in low cost/ high speed Internet access. This title only streamed. I couldn't download it. That means I couldn't use it on a plane, on a long drive or outside the United States. If this is a precursor to a more universal format, DONT DO IT!!!

The collection of stories was great when I could hear them.
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- Jeffrey B. Livingston "Jeff Livingston"

Really Liked it!

I'm "Undecided" on the whole "Short Stories compiled into a book" thing, even though it's been around all of my (long.. so far) life. ;) But I DID enjoy THESE stories!

The cool thing is, IF one story is "Good", but not "GREAT", it doesn't last long, and you get the enjoyment out of the part that IS good WITHOUT Thinking: "Oh No, 10 More hours of this?? Not sure I like it THAT much"...

The BAD part is, when you listen to SEVERAL of the GREAT stories in this book, you wish those stories WOULD go on for MANY MORE HOURS, and they end WAY too soon!

The "Performance Rating Stars", and "Story Rating Stars" were HARD to decide on, since (Obviously) with many different stories and Narrators, you kinda have to "Average everything out".. but when you come to the "OVERALL" rating, THAT is EASY to rate!

I REALLY Wish there was a way within Audible to be notified when a Favorite Author puts out a new book, AND/OR when a new book in a Series that you are enjoying is released...There probably IS a way to be notified of those things, and I just haven't found it... But it'd be NICE to find it, because there were several authors in this series of books I'd like to hear more from!
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- Trip Williams "Did you know you can put in a set of Ear-Buds, slap your Hearing Protectors over them, and Mow the lawn, Weed-Eat, etc, without your book being drowned out by engine noise? OR, you can just let the horses in the yard, and THEY'LL mow and weedeat (literally) FOR YOU!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-25-2015
  • Publisher: Audible Studios