• by Michael A. Stackpole
  • Narrated by Christopher Graybill
  • 3 hrs and 1 mins
  • Abridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The year is 3030. For the past 300 years, since the Star League collapse and the rise of the Five Successor States, these mortal enemies have fought over space, land, and politics. But a new threat looms just outside the Inner Sphere. The descendants of an old Star League general, the Clans, bred to be the best military force humanity has ever seen, have come to take what they believe is rightfully theirs.


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If you read the book first you will be fine

I have every Battletech book written. I like the universe that has been created. I was very excited to see Audible had a great Battletech series for download. I do however like unabridged stories. I was happy with the narrator, he did a fine job, I was also happy with the production,some sound effects and scene dividing music.

I however was not happy with the way they chopped the story. In my view they left out parts of the story that would be critical to explain the motivations of the characters. They also did not try to explain how the mechs worked, or even really what Mechs were.

I would be very interested to see hat a person new to the story, storyline would have to say. If Audible could get the Battletech stories unabridged I would buy them all. IF youare looking for a short piece to listen to, that does not require a lot of thought by all means get this audio book, but do yourself a favour if you like it... go buy the print edition and read that.

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Incomprehensible if not a Battletech veteran

synaubrey: You get your wish.

I've never read any of the Battletech series. I grabbed this selection (the collection) because Defiance Audio was the producer and I loved what they'd done with the Deathstalker series. I'm a serious audio-book "reader" (I used to work in the industry); I own well over 500 and have read far more, around 2-4 per week. With that having been said, I'm REALLY disappointed.

The narrator is decent, the production is quality, but the plot is so severely abridged that it doesn't make an ounce of sense. Think in terms of the way the later Harry Potters and Eragon translated into movies: no exposition, rising action, denouement. Just action sequence after action sequence with nothing tying them together, no back-story, no character development, nothing. I've no doubt that they hit every major plot point in the book, but they don't relate them to anything, even each other.

Further, I can't help but believe that this is not the first book or story-arc in the series, so what little plot is exposed appears to simply pre-suppose the reader already knows what's going on. I'm a little over an hour in, I haven't the foggiest clue what anyone's motivations are, why characters are being beaten up for their professions, why these big power-armors are blowing one another up in asteroid fields, why it's significant that Character A is in a wheelchair or that Character B is joining some "Prince's Guard" (or even what said guard IS).

I give up. This abridging editor should be shot. I can list the number of audio books I couldn't finish on both hands (and with my count, that's saying something), but this is garbage, plain and simple. The book may be amazing, the series grand, but you'd never know it from this example. If you like high-quality sci-fi, go get Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon or Simon Green's Deathstalker, but pass on this one. Maybe if they re-release unabridged.
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- Jason

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-28-2004
  • Publisher: Listen & Live Audio, Inc.