As The World Dies: Untold Tales, Vol. 1 : As the World Dies

  • by Rhiannon Frater
  • Narrated by Kathy Bell Denton
  • Series: As the World Dies
  • 5 hrs and 0 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

THE FIRST DAYS: AS THE WORLD DIES introduced Jenni and Katie and their harrowing journey to the makeshift fort in the Texas Hill Country.
But theirs is not the only tale to be told.
In the first volume of the AS THE WORLD DIES UNTOLD TALES experience three terrifying tales of those who are forced to face the unrelenting and hungry walking dead.
Deep in the Texas Hill Country, a man and his little dog takes refuge in a bed and breakfast located in the hills above a doomed town where an infested rescue center might unleash the hungry undead…
On a deserted highway slicing through the desolation of West Texas, a woman struggles to survive as she faces the horrifying aftermath of the rise of the zombies…
And finally, discover what happens on the first day to Katie's beloved wife, Lydia, as the world dies…


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Customer Reviews

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I am writing this as someone who has not read, the As The World Dies series. This is the first volume in the Untold Tales, not the actual series. As I understand it, this is more background on the lesser characters. I did enjoy it, I did not think it was great, but it was enjoyable. I do believe you will enjoy it more if you have read at least one of the books in the actual series.

If you have only read one or two Zombie books, or you just want a Zombie fix this is pretty good. You will not find anything new or different , this is pretty much your vanilla, everyday zombie book. It's not too gory or dark, it's even a little sweet at times. It is supposedly three stories, but the first two or done in less then an hour and the last story is over four hours long. Matter of fact the first story is more just a tidbit of action, not story.

For me it did not get the fifth star for the following reasons. 1. There was never an explanation for why we have Zombies. That is often the best part of these books, was it a mad scientist, our own government, aliens, etc... Perhaps it is explained in the actual series. 2. The book is very predictable. It needs something to make it stand out from the crowd. 3. If you are going to try and be funny, then be funny not punny. I also found it pretty poor taste that a woman would be making jokes, just minutes after she shoots her twin brother in the face. Not counting the fact that she lost her dad, just a few hours before that.

Those little things aside, I did find myself warming up to all the characters. The characters are all regular people, some stupid, some smart, but not super in any way.

One reviewer was worried about the production. I had no sound quality problems. There was twice when a couple of lines where repeated, but it was not enough to ruin the listening experience.

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- Jim "The Impatient" "My taste differs from kid books to gory horror books."

After 2 seconds I tried to return it

I downloaded this after reading the really good first book in her series "As the world dies" on the recommendation of a review there. But I immediately heard that the recording was of less quality than those books. I am not sure if it was just my download, but there was background static noise when she spoke and some repeats in some parts. In the second story it seemed like the narrator was speed reading. 2 seconds into the first story I thought, what a big mistake, its going to be full of the romance nonsense that I didn't like from the main series.

So I shelved this book and continued with the series until I finished it. But it does give some background info on some of the secondary characters so you may want to read this before book 2 of the series since many new characters are introduced there and it fits the time line.

The last story, Erics is what made this book really good, and its by far the main story of this book, the others were insignificant in the time spent and I don't even remember the second one. Eric is stuck with his dog in a bed and breakfast, and his girlfriend took his car and abandoned him (good riddance!). Much of the story is how he confronts the outbreak alone and isolated until all hell breaks loose and he, his dog and a girl try to make it to the fort from the main series. It has a funny part when he decides he has to save his own life and run away, leaving her behind, but he's so out of shape she catches up and runs past him!

The cover illustration is how they get stuck for weeks in a water tower with little food and almost no ammunition and then suddenly its revealed that he's carrying a "small" machete. *Facepalm*. Rhiannon Frater again reveals that her stories lack male aggression. I could have slashed all those zombie heads off while hanging from the ladder with a "small" machete. I wonder if she knows what a machete is.

So if you want to know how Lydia died, you need to get this. Hint: its NOM NOM NOM. If you're like me and don't care about lesbian love, you can get it for Erics story, its pretty good.
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- Tilo "Zombies Books in order: 1. We're Alive 2. Day By Day Armageddon 3. Roads Less Traveled Series 4. Alaskan Undead Apocalypse 5. World War Z 6. The Walking Dead 7. Rise Again 8. As the World Dies 9. Zombie Fallout"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-07-2012
  • Publisher: Lyssa-Noel Rhiannon Frater