Ambryn & The Cheaters of Death : Reemergence

  • by Chris Philbrook
  • Narrated by James Foster
  • Series: Reemergence
  • 11 hrs and 59 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The long awaited second book of the critically acclaimed, best-selling Reemergence is here.
With an important diplomatic visit to the troll nation just days away, Tesser receives a phone call with dire news from Sin City. A bus is found in the desert; filled with the husks of dead bodies killed by something far from human.
Unable to break away from the crucial meeting with the ancient troll kingdom, he dispatches his brother Ambryn; the dragon of death in his stead.
Ancient mistakes are finally ripening like rotten fruit, and the black dragon must rush to the December desert of Nevada to harvest his own missteps before they transform an entire city into a necropolis before the world's eyes. And this time Ambryn doesn't have the help of his sister Kaula, so his task may be nearly impossible. At least now he has Mr. Doyle, Spoon, and a dark man with darker deeds in his past from old Europe on his side.
Not all change is good. Welcome to the Reemergence.


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Customer Reviews

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I loved Tesser. But not Ambryn.

Tesser was so great, that I think it would have been difficult for any author to follow it with an equally good 2nd book. Still, I expected more than this empty effort.

Ambryn the Dragon of Death, never really came to life in this sequel, coming across instead like a grumpy grandpa who doesn't say or do much until the poo hits the fan. The side characters are cartoony and the villeins are cliche. Worst of all, there is a distinct lack of the wit and charm -- and dark humor -- so evident in Tesser. Without those elements, this book sank like a stone.

What we have instead is the bones of a good story, but none of the magic. We have rather ordinary bad vampires. I really had to force myself to finish it, and to be honest, I'm not sure I listened all the way to the very end.

There are lots of bullets, slaughter and blood -- but not in a scary way. It all felt like a video game where you kill as many in the bloodiest way possible. Could have been zombies, or terrorists, or aliens from outer space. I never got invested in it. I just kept waiting for something original or funny to happen, and I thought for a minute it might when school buses full of old people and HS students started disappearing, but the book just devolved into the same old boring shoot 'em up blood fest.

What happened to the dark humor? What happened to the sense of loyalty to the group? Where was the witty dialogue, the sense of a fish out of water so prevalent in Tesser?

Ambryn could have been anyone or anything because he never used his dragon abilities to any real effect. As the Dragon of Death, couldn't he have just set all the vamps on fire, or taken control of their minds, instead of letting them fill him up with bullets? It was so underwhelming.

Ultimately, what Ambryn was, was boring.

Sadly, I can't recommend this book, and I'm guessing if you do go on to book 3, you could easily skip this one and miss nothing. But check the reviews first. Could be, Philbrook lost his inspiration in the rush to write another book. I hope he finds it again, soon.

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- bluestategirl "I need more ears!"

Book 2 as good as book 1. loved it!

Any additional comments?

Wonder if there is going to be more in this series. Hope so there are 7 dragons he can write about. This book had all the adventure, action, magic like the first book had. Ambryn is on the war path w/ vampires. They take the battle to Vegas where the vampires have set up shop. Ambryn teams up w/ Mr. Doyle, Spoon, and a werewolf. there is a twist at the end that I didn't see. Good book I want more.

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- Chris

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-28-2016
  • Publisher: Audible Studios