ALICE Resurrection : Alice Series

  • by Charles Lamb
  • Narrated by David Drummond
  • Series: Alice Series
  • 10 hrs and 55 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Colonel Jake Thomas has a mess on his hands. The losses on Klinan have gutted an already short-staffed defense force, and his people are scrambling to prepare for a possible attack, directly on Earth. Combined with the seemingly erratic behavior of Sara, his number-one go-to girl, he is struggling to keep up.
Now, with unexplained transmissions originating in Europe, and an Alien visitor with questionable motives, he is awash in new challenges on Earth and in space. Can the activity in Europe be a sign of troubles to come, or is it an indication of allies waiting to be discovered?


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Customer Reviews

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the books we love to hate; when's the next one?

I loved Jake and Alice from the first few chapters of the first book. This story line is enough to keep me going through these three books and the next to come despite the many, many annoying parts that could be fixed if Mr. Lamb would just call me. There is something here in this unfolding plot that keeps us coming back.

This book contains only a little action, and doesn't forward the plot very far for its length. The first two books were focused on the US and Jake and the discovery of the several Alices. There was also an introduction to the enemy aliens who caused the collapse of our technological infrastructure. In this book, Jake's people have reached out to other countries and are starting to reorganize a world effort to get us all back on our feet, and to make sure we are strong enough to defeat those aliens again if need be. Despite the minimal action, the story is engaging in the international homilies it presents, and the new characters we get to meet.

The story is improved by the continued reduction in eye-rolling, childish sexual conversations between Jake and his shack-ups. I can't imagine what Mr. Lamb is thinking regarding foreplay and innuendo; what we get is so lame and juvenile, it is actually painful. Thank goodness there are only about 3 of these conversations and they are short. Maybe he could get someone older than 12 to write them.

Many listeners follow along without hearing or caring about the lack of editing, while some of us are emotionally scarred by the multitude of problems in grammar and word use. I have heard that the print version is worse, filled with errant apostrophes and commas as well as Facebook/Twitter errors in spelling such as passed for past, to for too, etc. At least Audible users don't have to deal with that! Those who are cursed with exacting grammar and syntax are done in by the lack of the past perfect tense where it really would help, incorrect use of whom, laid/lain, using "drug" as the past tense of "drag," sentence tails that don't match their heads, and just plain old wrong words like Jake's being "*spurred* into an unresolved dilemma." This type of nonediting is just unacceptable.

David Drummond is still the narrator and his voice is still too old and too tight for it. The girls' voices are falsetto, whiny and unattractive, and almost everyone sounds the same. He seems to be able to do one character voice per book. In this book it is Ivan, but even that is not consistent. Mr. Drummond did a decent job at times on the British accents, and he pronounced Guangxi (China) perfectly. The whole series would be improved with a different narrator, but the book is so poorly edited that no one of note would touch it.

I have accepted these failings and will continue to listen to the books as they come out because the plot is compelling enough to carry through.
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- Trudy Owens

enjoyed it

this continues the series and is a good listen. the story of Jake and his love interests detracts from the overall story but it's still good.
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- Jon

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-14-2016
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio