A Painted Goddess : A Fire Beneath the Skin

  • by Victor Gischler
  • Narrated by Fiona Hardingham
  • Series: A Fire Beneath the Skin
  • 12 hrs and 0 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

When the gods go to war, who will stand against their divine fury?
In the thrilling conclusion to the A Fire Beneath the Skin trilogy, the enchanted kingdom of Helva faces a nightmarish future of endless bloodshed, and Rina Veraiin - a young warrior-duchess armed with mysterious, magical tattoos - must use her fantastic powers to save her home from eternal war.
As her far-flung friends scour Helva for additional tattoos to increase her formidable abilities, Rina reckons with an enigmatic death priest...the one whose contract grants her extraordinary magic but demands an awful price. When her debt comes due, can Rina make the ultimate sacrifice?
Deities clash and allies succumb as Rina strives to fulfill her obligation and confront her strange and shocking destiny. Becoming an ink mage taxed Rina's resources to their very limits; now she must become something else, something more, something awesome and terrible.
If she fails, her world will fall.


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ending sucked but the overall story was great. great trilogy at least. left some things open ended but still a good story.
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- Sarah E. Gomes - Briganti


Any additional comments?

I apologize for any character name misspellings, as this is audible- I listened to this trilogy, and I could not find a character list on the Internet. Spoiler Alert:
Rina transcended and peaced' out. That was it. We have no idea where she went or what she went to do. Presumably, godly things too magnificent for our little, human minds to comprehend. How anticlimactic.

Maurizan gets the prime . . . great (¬_¬) Ok, fine, she can have it (to continue the family tradition, etc. Her Momdukes is cool, so fine), but Alem?! She gets Alem? She's petty, selfish, and bitter. This book did nothing to endear herself to me. I despised her wrongfully, entitled self all the way to the end. And was glad that Alem died, as it meant Maurizan did not get to have him.

How can Alem be so flaky? And all over a misunderstanding, the truth of which he never found out. Lame. I ended up disliking his fickle character and his death wasn't upsetting. Granted, I kind of expected the newly, all powerful Rina to heal Alem and the Bishop. Or, ferret their souls somewhere peaceful, etc., she is the God of Death now, right?

I don't understand why Alem never learned how to fight, or why Rina didn't make him a Lord after his service to Klarr and the Realm in the first book. She'd elevated everyone else . . . was Master of Horse truly the best she could do, really? And isn't one of the boons of having a bedfellow pillow talk? Rina never told Alem anything and oftentimes had him looking the fool for his ignorance, which also let to his misunderstanding about Gant. Silly.

Is Talben really dead?! I kept waiting for her to show up, "Surprise! One of those 29 spells I'd just spent hours studying and perhaps risking my sanity for saved my life." Not just use three of those spells (one was a repeat- and I don't recall her relearning that self-duplication spell) and die so mundanely at the hands of Ankar. After all, she was over hundreds of years old, survivor of an attack by the God of War, and had just finished studying the spell book of The Master Wizard . . . I at least expected her to escape.

Also, I'll note that none of the "bad guys" deaths were satisfying. General Chi, Yano, Queen Mei, General Thorn, the God of War, and Giffin all die so unceremoniously. Can I get a little bit of agony, regret, or self-doubt before they die? Giffin?! Come on . . . you could have at least let Rina or Stacia have him. Wth. The King's death was pretty cool though.

All and all, I loved the first book, but it went downhill from there. I kept expecting it to get better, but it didn't. There was so much potential. Sad.

Braisley's character was great though.

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- Esky

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-15-2016
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio