A Learning Experience, Book 1 : A Learning Experience

  • by Christopher G. Nuttall
  • Narrated by Christian Rummel
  • Series: A Learning Experience
  • 12 hrs and 5 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Earth is not alone. There is a towering civilization out in the galaxy, far greater than anything we can imagine. But we are isolated from the galaxy...until now.
When a bunch of interstellar scavengers approach Earth intending to abduct a few dozen humans and sell them into slavery in the darkest, they make the mistake of picking on Steve Stuart and his friends, ex-military veterans all. Unprepared for humans who can actually fight, unaware of the true capabilities of their stolen starships, the scavengers rapidly lose control of the ship - and their lives.
To Steve the captured starship represents a great opportunity, one to establish a new civilization away from Earth and its increasingly oppressive bureaucracy. But with the aliens plotting their revenge and human factions suspicious of the new technology, it will be far from easy to create a whole new world....


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Customer Reviews

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Mary Sue, we're so lucky we have you.

Luckily for the human race, Steve Protagonist is the one who encounters the aliens and is able to come up with a plan to save us all.

The main character at least does have a bit of an arc. The things that annoyed me the most about him in Chapter 1 are the self-revelations that change his way of thinking (a little) during a few of the Pivotal Conflicts at the end of the book.

Secondary characters change their personalities to fit the story, For example, the wife who is fierce and independent... except when suddenly she's not. The protagonist's children are also very convenient non-entities who disappear entirely for most of the book.

Events happen in far too short of a timeline to seem realistic. Spaceships and tech, sure. Unrealistic human interactions...? Nope.

Oh, well. It's a fun enough romp, I guess.
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- Carrie

THE very beginning to Stocker's Empire's Corps

If you didn't get Nuttall's politics and opinions in The Empire's Corps, you can't miss it in this. Nuttal uses a 2x4 to get it into your head. By the end of the book, you will know where Col. Stalker (Stocker?)'s Empire came from. We sort of knew it anyway, but here's the tale to tell it.

You will learn how the usually exemplary Nuttall feels about politics and politicians, society, the military and U.S. actions in the Middle East, law and justice, and several other things. Even if you agree with him on every point, you will tire of the lectures.

Then there're the problematic literary aspects that detract from your reading enjoyment. Steve's death was absorbed, and they moved on. Later they name a ship after him, but that is about all the emotion invested there. There are some kids among the brothers, but we don't even remember their names, and they never figure into the story. Thank goodness there is tech to take care of them, since the parents are not around. The entire story took place in less than 2 months. Thank goodness the aliens are morons and could easily be overpowered by 3 of 'Murika's finest. And thank goodness the moronic aliens had neural interfacing headbands so our heroes could link to the computer system to run the ship and access all the tech that allows them to accomplish in 45 days what should have taken 10 years.

We who love this genre love references to all our other beloved works, but there are just too, too many references to Star Trek especially, but also Babylon 5, Harry Potter, Atlas Shrugged and more. Naming the moon base Heinlein should have been a grin for us, but it became just another eye roll.

This back story is so childish and amateurish that you'd think Nuttall had written it in high school after having read all the above literature. The only reason any of us will go on to the next volume is to get the history that led to the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire so we can get to the really good stuff in The Empire's Corps. And I guess we end up soundly defeating all the thousands of alien species mentioned in this book, since there are none by Ed Stocker's time.
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- Trudy Owens

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-21-2016
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing