A Desolate Splendor

  • by John Jantunen
  • Narrated by Graham Winton
  • 8 hrs and 28 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A chilling portrait of a family fighting to preserve their humanity in a cruel and merciless world.
The collapse of civilization has left the survivors scattered among a few settlements along the wilderness fringe of a land ravaged by war. Preyed upon by roving bands of sadistic ex-soldiers and ever at the mercy of a natural world that has turned against them, a family is facing their final days.
Hope appears in the guise of their young son. Raised in isolation and taught by his father to survive at any cost, he is thrust headlong into a battle for the future of humankind after rescuing a girl fleeing from a savage and relentless cult bent on burning the world back to Eden.
Raw and unflinching, A Desolate Splendor weaves a stark and eerily familiar portrayal of life on the brink of extinction and heralds the rise of an exciting new voice in apocalyptic fiction.


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There are numerous things wrong with this book. First, the plot line jumps around so much that I was continually assuming I had somehow skipped a chapter or had an error in the recording. Nope, just that choppy. Slowly this first flaw becomes less pronounced as certain elements draw together.

Second, and this should really be noted somewhere by Audible, is this book is seriously and intensely disturbed. I have an exceptionally high tolerance for violence and general deviant behavior in books and TV/Film. This book gave me the most pause out of anything I have ever seen or heard, other than maybe "Bone Tomahawk." In fact, many of the elements in that film seem to be played out here. Whether that is intentional or not is not for me to say. Let me just be clear that this is beyond graphic and should be approached with great trepidation, if at all.

Third, and this is, in comparison, a minor complaint: the book just ends. It's like the author decided "OK, I'm done, no need to wrap anything up, let's just send it off to the printer." I get that there was implication present in the ending, but good lord.

This is not to say that the whole thing was worthless. It wasn't. The writing itself, through description and vignette memories, was actually pretty good. And I understand what the author was attempting to do. He just went so far with the previously described issues and left out a little too much "mortar" to hold the storyline together. I can see how with some serious editing and rewriting this could have been a great book. But that just adds to the frustration.

I debated giving it a second star, but just couldn't do it. View the 1 as a 1.5. Not totally without merit, but so close it just isn't worth anyone's time or energy.

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- Charlie

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-30-2016
  • Publisher: Recorded Books