299 Days : 299 Days

  • by Glen Tate
  • Narrated by Kevin Pierce
  • Series: 299 Days
  • 11 hrs and 9 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Meet Grant Matson: lawyer, father, suburbanite husband who awakens to the fragility of modern society and embarks on a personal journey that introduces him to a world of self-reliance and liberation. 299 Days: The Preparation, the first audiobook in the 299 Days series, depicts the inner struggles Grant must face as he exists in a social system he recognizes as unsustainable and on the verge of collapse, but one in which he has built his life around. What begins as a return to his roots, self-sufficiency and independence, becomes a full blown move to prepare for what may come.
Engaging, insightful, and a bit suspenseful, follow Grant's transition from a self-perceived "sheeple" to a full-blown "prepper". Will his fears come true? Is he an extremist? What if nothing happens? What if something does?


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Customer Reviews

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Planted Reviews - be careful with your purchase...

I have a weakness for prepper & disaster books and was very aware this series was coming out in the near future and planned on picking up the first one right away, and all of them if they were good. I was surprised how quickly the reviews for this series appeared... and was delighted everyone liked it.

My friends, most of these reviewers only own one audiobook and have only done one review... I know because after I forced myself to listen to the entire book... I went back to see who the idiots were that gave the book a 5 star award.

I don't expect the writing to be amazing in this genre, but I would at least like to learn something or a creative slant. This is just a tangential, unedited, repetitive, boring, semi-autobiographical, plot less, self-important, extremist political rant... by a prepper podcaster with a following... who I honestly think means well.

I wanted to like it, wanted to find the good in it and kept thinking... it will get better anytime now. But it didn't happen. There is no violence, swearing or sex in this book, just a little pissing off the porch and repetitive gun purchases. No incredible information either, though... sorry. And the writing... is just wrong, you will know what every character in the book is thinking, jumping from head to head to head in the same short sentence.

The narrator wasn't bad in other books I've listened to... but the material he is reading combined with the poor flow of sentences... makes him sound slow and the listen painful.

Watch closely, I am about to have major not helpful votes attached to my review.
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- Jan "Tangential, eclectic, avid listener... favorite book is the one currently in ear."

Right Wing Propaganda

I'm halfway through it. Considering returning it. The first half has been an anti-government rant focused on blaming Democrats. The author paints them as evil and as being the reason for big government without even acknowledging any programs that came under Republican administrations such as the Patriot Act. I'm not a fan of either party or politicians in general. I think the majority are corrupt. It becomes propaganda when you focus on one to blame, though. He even uses one guy as an example saying something like, "I've been a Democrat all this time and so are all my friends. How could so many people be so wrong?"

It gets worse. The first part of the book is an intro from an author trying to come off as reasonable and not some nutjob extremist. But, in addition to the above, his lead character has a come to Jesus moment and suddenly (I kid you not) starts hearing a guiding "outside voice". So, we are to believe that he is not a nutjob, but he hears voices telling him to do these things?

I'm a prepper. The intro made me think that we'd finally have a reasonable book that wouldn't make us all sound like paranoid super religious crazy people that think God is directly talking to them. . . literally. Instead, the book seems to work to cement the stereotype in place. I could have dealt with the Right Winger thinking the Left is evil part considering that just because he left out the bad things on the Right doesn't mean he was far off the mark with the Left. Adding in the hearing voices aspect turned the main character from far Right Winger to paranoid schizophrenic.
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- J. Oliver

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-26-2014
  • Publisher: Sellerman and Sweeney, LLC