Worth the Risk : St. James

  • by Jamie Beck
  • Narrated by Scott Merriman
  • Series: St. James
  • 10 hrs and 12 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

When Jackson St. James decided that six weeks in Vermont's Green Mountains would help him get his life together, he didn't anticipate replacing his craving for whiskey with a craving for his alluring new landlord, Gabby. Now, instead of prioritizing his sobriety and the resolution of the lawsuit threatening his business, he's making excuses to spend time with the spunky young landscaper whose candor is more than a little addictive.
Gabby Bouchard refuses to let her pill-popping mother and unreliable baby daddy turn her into a cynic, so she doesn't fight her attraction to her enigmatic new tenant. Although Jackson's smile rarely reaches his eyes, his generosity and dependability make her willing to overlook his demons. But once she convinces him to give in to temptation, Gabby's jealous ex threatens to disrupt the life she has built for herself and her son.
With so much at stake, Gabby and Jackson must decide if love is worth the risk.


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Customer Reviews

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I read to the end

Tempted many times to STOP...as the situations and what constitutes conflict were so NOT realistic. Social opinion on addiction recovery was set back at least 50 years, and the part of Our Hero struggling with an alcohol problem seems to have been written by an alcoholic in denial: " Doc says that someday I will be able to enjoy an occasional drink" said no addiction therapist EVER. Still, I read on. One reason was the possibility of a really good twist to bring it all together: the characters were SO picky and easy to call anything a real problem, I wondered what would happen that would appease these people and make it OK for boy meets girl to call it happily ever after. But instead of a twist to make them ponder deeply and realize love trumps all, they just copped and said, "OK." It seems the author got tired of making nothing into something and put them together. Another reason I stuck with it was the unbelievable character of Jackson. This guy was like your best gay guy friend turning heterosexual! He not only talked about feelings and relationships, he built swingsets and fixed things AND had sex with females, but not excessively. I was willing to go to impossible land with Jackson! *wink* OK it was a fun story in places.
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- ShariAnna - Arizona

Terrible book but good narration..

I have no idea why this book got so many 5 star reviews because it was as depressing and silly as heck. I mean, why did Jackson drive from Connecticut to Vermont and rent a family’s carriage house and see a doctor there when he could have done it at home? And, holy crap, it was about time the “big” secret came out, since it was being held from Jackson and Cat by David and his father through all three books. A secret that caused a rift in the family. A secret that sent Jackson spiraling into the beginnings of alcoholism. Really? A secret that David promised his dying mother he wouldn’t tell his two grown siblings, no matter how it worked to destroy the family? A secret so stupid that when I first read it in the first book I nearly laughed myself silly?

…SPOILER… Let me tell you what the secret was: The siblings’ father cheated on their mother! That's it! I thought, at the very least, dear ol’ dad had killed someone when the kids were young and David was keeping the secret from the little ones then carried it through their adulthood. So, Jackson’s therapist wanted a meeting of the father and the siblings to get to the bottom of Jackson’s drinking and when his father confessed the big secret Jackson took off like a kid having a temper tantrum. Totally ridiculous.

And how about Gabby? Occasionally, she talked like she was a grown-up but sooo often she acted and talked like a sex-starved 16 year old. She was 23 and Jackson was 30 but the immaturity of both of them showed throughout the entire book. And it was mentioned too often how young she was, making her immaturity even more obvious.

And then there’s Noah! Wow, what an absolute idiot he was. He’s the father of Gabby’s son, Luc, and he’s a cop. He walked out on Gabby 3 years before when she got pregnant, because he was a conceited jerk who needed more than a pregnant girlfriend on his arm. Now that Jackson was in Gabby’s life Noah was jealous and threatened to take Luc away from Gabby if she let Jackson anywhere near Luc, and the stupid girl believed him.

Jackson was only supposed to be in Vermont for 6 weeks then he and Gabby began having sex, and having sex, and having sex, and… You get my point, but all the while they were growing close but Gabby was thinking about Jackson continuing to drink and being around Luc, could she trust him? Because her mother left years ago, a drug addict who preferred her drugs to getting help. It really was a depressing story. The only time she or Jackson were EVER happy was when they were having sex.

Every time I think a book of Jamie Beck’s sounds good I’m disappointed. So, I guess I’m done with her. I’ve tried 3 other books by her and the most I gave them was 3 stars and that’s not really good enough to try more.

They had sex about 4 or 5 times and it took up several pages but all they did was have the kind of sex that should have only taken one page, nothing real explicit, just boring. Once they started having sex I started skimming.

And the F-bomb was used 12 times.

As to the narration: Scott Merriman did a good job. As long as women sound like women I’m good. Not much emotion from him but I’d listen to him again.
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- Trish R.

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-01-2016
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio