Words of Lust

  • by Lise Horton
  • Narrated by Ellory James
  • 9 hrs and 13 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Serafina Luca, straitlaced Manhattan professor of erotic literature, isn't one to blush at a few raunchy words, but her experience in the bedroom is hardly best seller material. She's not sure the passion in the books she teaches is possible in real life, let alone for her. But then she meets Nick Stellato.
The construction foreman may look like a guy's guy, but he knows how to treat a woman. One look at Serafina's luscious figure, and he wants to prove it to her. One dinner date and their sizzling chemistry is undeniable. Soon, it's the professor getting a lesson or two...and Nick is a willing teacher. What surprises him is how much he enjoys the time he spends with Serafina outside the bedroom - and how easily he can imagine a future together.
Before long, Serafina is falling hard for Nick, too. But how can a timid academic with virtually no past fulfill his dreams of an adventurous future?


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Customer Reviews

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A fair listen

I ping back and forth between contemporary, paranormal, historical and lusty listens but beware as this is definitely an erotica listen with lots of hot sex and a selection of four letter words. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood as unfortunately I had a few problems with this. On the plus side - there was a hunky hero who was thoughtful, caring, protective and very very sexy. There were some of his family members who were quirky and funny.

However, I just couldn't warm to the heroine - she always fought to be independent rather than being in a relationship no matter what he did for her and I didn't feel the romance was a two-way thing. She held things back from him, mentally questioned their relationship and argued unnecessarily. There was someone stalking them and vandalising their property but you knew all along who it was so there was no intrigue. Whilst the couple were having sex the constant use of the four letter 'c' word was harsh and misplaced for a couple who really liked and eventually loved each other. I suppose the title says it all Words of Lust and there were plenty of them.

Worth a credit? I probably wouldn't download another book by LH. So, for me (a Lora Leigh & Maya Banks fan) it's a No - there's better books out there in the erotica/romance genre.
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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

Imbalanced, implausible, unlikeable H

At an actual 2.75, this book is okay, and the narrator gets a 3.5. Beware that the story includes explicit language and one act of anal sex near the end. There's plenty of other sex included too. Also, there were at least two inconsistencies during the course of the story and believability was a consistent issue for me.
I wish that the author had more of a knack for sensuality instead of just rawness. Serafina and Luca move into sex too quickly for me. Quick connections, attractions are plausible. But, in this story, there was no gradualness in their sex, thus the relationship appears to be only physical, which went against the author’s intent. And moving into sex so quickly makes their quick move into love—when, really, only sex has been a part of their relationship—considerably less believable. It was never clear why they were attracted to each other beyond the one unknowable “something.” But that seems very little to build a relationship on; it’s enough to attract but beyond that, once you get to know each other…heh. So where was the chemistry? Where was the delight in each other beyond the physical? Nothing was present except for good sex. Similarly, Serafina’s very quick inclusion into Luca’s family by his extended family was over-the-top also.
In light of this book’s title, including more of the erotic literature Serafina teaches would’ve been a plus. Having Serafina be a 24-year-old tenured professor who hasn’t completed her doctorate yet seems quite farfetched. I don’t even know the purpose of such an extreme and unbelievable setup. This is especially true considering she never comes across as a 24-year-old; she comes across as older. The excuse is that she was a child genius, which is stated but never evident or apparent presently.
I think Luca was a bit of a dominating ass, with no finesse when dominating in and out of bed. In the way he was portrayed, it seemed to be all about power and not also about desire. It was supposed to be him being protective and show care for Serafina, but it doesn’t come across that way at all most of the time. And it scares Serafina at times. It may have been the way the narrator portrayed him during those moments or a combination of the two. Either way, it didn’t work.
Finally, there is an added element of mystery, but the culprit is obvious. And the author never really tries to add who it likely is. So learning who it is definitely adds nothing to the story. And the two family dramas included are not helpful either. That attention would’ve been better spent adding depth and meaning to the over-sexualized “relationship” in order to make the “all-consuming” love plausible.

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- Kd

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-10-2013
  • Publisher: Carina Press