WereGenes: The Complete Paranormal Romance Bundle

  • by Amira Rain
  • Narrated by Charlie Boswell
  • 24 hrs and 47 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

What if you woke up tomorrow and discovered you could turn into a dragon? Or a bear? Lion? Wolf?
This is the crazy situation that our heroines find themselves plunged into in each of the four books from the top-selling WereGenes series by New York Times best-selling author Amira Rain.
Every book from the series is included in this download, so do not miss out. Get addicted now!
Book 1: The Dragon Gene
In a world where some humans are blessed with a special gene that allows them to shapeshift into different forms....
Kylie Donovan has just discovered she is a carrier of "The Dragon Gene".
As a result, she is being forced by the government to mate with a male carrier of the dragon gene called Matthew in order to produce a special "super" baby that will have two sets of the gene.
However, some genes should never be combined - and the results of this matchup could about threaten the existence of the planet and dragon-kind as they know it....
Book 2: The Bear Gene
With the public becoming more aware of the existence of "WereGenes", Samantha Miller was the latest human to have herself tested.
And the results were shocking.
Not only was she a carrier of the "Bear Gene" but she possessed the rare "Supergene".
And as a result, the government was offering her a substantial cash payment if she were to become the mate of handsome WereBear Chief Reed Wallace.
And it was an offer so good that Samantha simply could not turn it down....
Book 3: The Lion Gene
What if you woke up tomorrow and discovered you could turn into a lion?
Hannah Erickson was just a normal girl living a normal life.
But that life was turned upside down the moment she found herself kidnapped and told she was a carrier of "The Lion Gene" - a rare gene that gave her the ability to turn into a lioness.


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Customer Reviews

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storyline weak and shallow, characters boring

What disappointed you about WereGenes: The Complete Paranormal Romance Bundle?

I found the story line boring and weak. I've read similarly based books by Jesse Donovan meaning needing to produce a shifter child to increase numbers. I found this juvenile in writing and exceedingly boring and not worth the credit spent.

What could Amira Rain have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

The storyline could have been better written. You don't know what made bloodborn shifters other than they were power hungry, greedy, and had red eyes. What split the shifters into 2 different types? It was just not well developed.

What three words best describe Charlie Boswell’s voice?

I liked his voice, it was a nice base that was smooth and tried to make the stories better. The first story was stilted although I think it was the actual writing.

Any additional comments?

The first story was about a dragon shifter who was the commander and his wife. It revolved around her, her best friend, and their spouses. She and her friend volunteered because they needed money because their business went under due to the war between the bloodborns and the weres. The story was ok but weak and the characters were thin. It was never explained what made the bloodborns differant other than they were power hungry and had red eyes. But I did like the dogs, they were adorable. The story didn't follow the summary.

The second story was about a chief bear shifter and his spouse. She has the ability to throw knifes and this caused issues. It was important that she quickly become pregnant so she could pay for her mom's experimental cancer treatment and because the shifters were weak because the bloodborns attacked with chemical warfare weakening them. It was boring. I kept looking at the time to see how much longer till it was finished.

The third story is about a lion shifter and his spouse who was kidnapped. She is forced to mate a lion shifter commander. The bloodborn in this story is alligators. I just couldn't finish this story and skipped ahead to get through to the end then returned the book. Again this book didn't follow the summary.

The 4th story was supposed to be about a wolf shifter and I didn't even listen to it so cannot review this one.

Initially I thought this would be a good credit with 4 stories and over 20 hours. Reality is i just didn't like it and had to return it. I won't be listening to this writer again.

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- Kindle Customer

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-07-2017
  • Publisher: BMB Digital USA LLC