The Viscount and the Witch

  • by Sahara Kelly
  • Narrated by Mark Norman
  • 5 hrs and 5 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Viscount Rhys Hadley has no idea that the young woman he's about to rescue from a ridiculous lawsuit is the one woman who can change his life forever. And not just because she has a set of unique talents he's never imagined....
Lady Alice Giddenhurst has fled London Society, preferring the quiet of the country where she can heal the occasional broken limb or injured animal without occasioning comment. This lawsuit, however, threatens to compromise her peace of mind, so she welcomes the assistance of a Viscount.
It only takes a moment for them both to realize they're on the edge of the greatest magic of all... love! But there are secrets and dangers lurking near Alice - and for Rhys it's a battle to keep her safe until he can make her his, permanently!


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Customer Reviews

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Great Premise...Still Misses the Mark

This story is about a young witch living on the continent because in the past her family has been persecuted for exhibiting magical abilities. It has not been that long since witches were burned.

The story does begin with humor, a girl can't heal a kitten without attracting notice. The Viscount is reminded, that the young woman is a Witch, that supposed to run in families don't you know. I really thought this would be a light hearted book with a bit of romantic passion.

But I think the Heroine is either not very bright or is deliberately dense, and there is a difference.

This is something of a spoiler: The Witch"s psychic power gifts her a vision of the Viscount. Evidently her powers do not rise to the level of clothing the man, which is fine, except she doesn't seem to care that there might be more to the man than looks. Good characters also have good stuff between their ears as well as other places.

My point is the characters were shallow, there is no tension in the magical trope, I was irritated enough to stop listening. Even sex cannot make boring people interesting.
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- Barbara "Huntsville, Alabama"

So-So story. Terrible narration..

I’m having a tough time rating this book. Part of it’s a 1 star, part of it’s 2 and part is a 3. The 1 star comes for the most disgusting word ever, pussy, when describing a woman’s private parts. The 2 is for Rhys being in love with Alice the next day and wanting to marry her, and her feeling the same way. Talk about insta-love. That’s waaaay to fast for falling in love. I know this is only has 177 pages but the love didn’t have to come that fast. And 3 comes from the mystery of the book. I do hate, hate, hate nothing but love stories BUT I also hate mysteries without a romance. AND since I hate the word that I mentioned before I can’t see myself reading this author again for that reason. If she used it in one book I figure she uses it in all he books. She only used it once but that was enough warning for me.

I did like the banter between Rhys and Alice, and Jilly, and then when Aunt Millie came around. I was left up in the air as to who the bad guy was: Piers Trethwarren or Lord Vincent Fairmont, or someone completely different.

Oh, and there wasn't very much witchy things going on, and that's the reason I got this book.That, too, was disappointing.

There was a little semi-sexual tension but then they had sex and it wasn’t real explicit and their sex talk was really kind of silly. The sex wasn’t very good at all. And the swearing was nothing but damn and hell a few times.

As to the narrator: Wow, what can I say? He was always making swallowing sounds so I sped him up to 1.5 to see if that would help, and it did a little. His voice for Rhys was terrible. Rhys sound like an idiot sometimes and even more feminine than Alice, in the way the narrator read his words. And Lord Trethwarren’s voice was even worse, he seemed to be screeching most of the time. And Jilly’s was just too masculine for a maid.

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- Trish R.

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-23-2015
  • Publisher: Sahara Kelly