The Real You

  • by RM Alexander
  • Narrated by Emily Oliver
  • 8 hrs and 52 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The world has their eye on A-list actor, Grey Richards. But when Paige Reeds goes to a location shoot in Detroit, she finds his brother, Kellen, far more captivating. The chance meeting grows into an unexpected friendship and an even more unpredictable romance. But when she quits her job to join him in LA, the consequences could be deadly.
Kellen Richards is used to the masks people wear and finds the what-you-see-is-what-you-get Paige refreshing. He doesn't know how, Kellen just knows he wants to be with her. But wealth and fame have dark consequences for his family, and keeping Paige safe from the people out to ruin the Richards won't be as easy as he expects.
With everything stacked against them, can Paige and Kellen learn to love one another for who they really are?


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36 yr old Paige's mentally abusive marriage had really done a number on her self esteem and confidence - now divorced she's trying hard to put all that behind her and, with the help of her bubbly Sister Lil, she is slowly coming out of her shell. A big action movie is being shot in town starring Grey Richards and Lil really wants to go to see the handsome Actor but when they get there it's the mysterious man sitting to one side that Paige's eyes keeps being drawn to.

Over various events Paige learns that the handsome man with the mismatched eyes is actually Grey Richard's brother Kellan and he first strikes up a tentative friendship with Paige which, over time, leads to kisses, tender touches and the start of a sweet romance. But when the film is wrapped up Kellan has to head back to L.A. and, after weeks of mere phone calls Kellan invites Paige to come and try out his lifestyle and see what they could be together. With nerves, excitement and anxious trepidation over their forthcoming relationship Paige boards the plane that will change her life forever.... in tragic horrific ways, in heartbreaking ways and in ways that is going to severely test their feelings for one another.

This listen started out ok and the romance was slow and sweet but I never actually felt any passion between them and there was absolutely no sexual interaction other than a few tender kisses on cheeks, forehead etc and a couple of lip smackers.... but no touches, caresses or longing heated looks.... not even any sexy thoughts. So, although the romance was supposed to be there, I sadly didn't really feel it and, when the tragedy happened, there was even more strain on their relationship..... which eventually, understandably and predictably snapped. Even, months later when they'd made peace with each other and the HEA was in sight, the only vibe I got from them was friendship rather than any form of sizzles.

There were a few twists, drama and gruelling emotional heartache but there was also some plot threads that weren't explained or followed up. Their story was broken into 5 parts with each part being told from either Paige's or Kellan's POV's, the narrator was fine with female voices and emotions but I didn't much like her male voices which really didn't help with my enjoyment of the story. A menacing and dangerous person emerged towards the end who caused murder and destruction and wanted more, there was a HEA ending but the threat is far from over and I'm sure it will continue in the next book however I don't know whether it will be about them or another one of the secondary characters who ran in and out of the story.

Worth a credit? The Hero was kind, supportive, understanding and loving, the Heroine was sweet, guileless, loving and kind too, the plot had twists, shocks and an emotional kick in the teeth but, for me, the romance only seemed lukewarm rather than smouldering. Yes, there were romantic parts but they never notched up the intimacy level and the narration was only 50:50 at best. It only just managed to be a creditworthy listen compared to the type of books I personally like listening to.... but hey you may just love it!!
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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

Not bad

This is a new to me author and the synopsis of the book caught my attention. This story focuses on Paige who is coming out of a abusive marriage. She meets a famous actor name Grey. Later she meets his brother, Kellan who she is more attracted to. Paige and Kellan relationship started off nicely but it just didn't work for me at all. There was no build up and I couldn't feel their connection. They spent a lot time apart and I felt there was too much else going on. Paige and her family did suffer a lot and Paige was very strong. If I was in her position I don't know what I would do. I just wanted her to make up her mind when it came to Kellan. For an adult she sure did act like a teenager. While listening to this book I have more questions than answers but I am intrigued to find out who is behind all of the bad things happening. There are a lot of twist, turns and mysterious people. I'm hoping the next book we can get some answers.

*audio copy was given in exchange for honest review*
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- Richelle Robinson "Lover of Books!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-09-2016
  • Publisher: ----RM Alexander