The Last Victim : Dr. Charlotte Stone

  • by Karen Robards
  • Narrated by Ann Marie Lee
  • Series: Dr. Charlotte Stone
  • 13 hrs and 39 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Electrifying suspense, cutting-edge psychological insight, and an unforgettably sensuous love story - these are the trademarks of Karen Robards' sizzling novels. Now the New York Times best-selling author launches a red-hot new paranormal romantic thriller series featuring the fascinating Dr. Charlotte Stone, a serial killer expert whose extraordinary powers lead her from ecstasy to terror.
Dr. Charlotte Stone sees what others do not. A sought-after expert in criminal pathology, Charlie regularly sits face-to-face with madmen. Obsessed with learning what makes human monsters commit terrible crimes, Charlie desires little else from life - no doubt because when she was 16, she herself survived a serial killer's bloodbath: A man butchered the family of Charlie's best friend, Holly, then left the girl's body on a seaside boardwalk one week later.
Because of the information Charlie gave police, the Boardwalk Killer went underground. She kept to herself her eerie postmortem visions of Holly and her mother. And even years later, knowing her contact with ghosts might undermine her credibility as a psychological expert, Charlie tells no one about the visits she gets from the spirit world.
Now all-too-handsome FBI agent Tony Bartoli is telling Charlie that a teenage girl is missing, her family slaughtered. Bartoli suspects that after 15 years, the Boardwalk Killer - or a sick copycat with his M.O. - is back. Time is running short for an innocent, kidnapped girl, and Bartoli pleads for Charlie's help.
This is the one case Charlie shouldn't go near. But she also knows that she may be the one person in the world who can stop this vicious killer. For Charlie - whose good looks disguise a world of hurt, vulnerability, and potent psychic gifts - a frantic hunt for a madman soon becomes a complex test of cunning, passions, and secrets. Aiding Dr. Stone on her quest to catch a madman is a ghostly presence with bad intentions: the fiery spirit of seductive bad boy Michael Garland who refuses to be ignored, though in his cat and mouse game they may both lose their hearts.
Dr. Charlotte Stone sees what others do not. And she sees the Boardwalk Killer coming for her.


What the Critics Say

"Robards has a true flair for characterization and excels at adding large doses of humor to the spicy mix." (RT Book Reviews)
"One of the most popular voices in women's fiction." (Newsweek)
"Robards is one terrific storyteller." (Chicago Tribune)


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Customer Reviews

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Needs something, just not sure what

I don't know what it is about the narrator, but I couldn't stay "tuned in" to the book. I suddenly heard "Chapter 13" and realized the last chapter announcement I actually remembered was chapter 8.
The premise for the book was so good I was sure I would love it. Then we bring in the ghost of a serial killer. I actually didn't mind that so much. It was when the serial killer ghost suddenly became the poor misunderstood bad boy who is really a good guy that I started rolling my eyes. When he's being interviewed by the psychiatrist, everything he says is disturbing on every level. And I'm suddenly to believe he is an acceptable love interest? Seriously? Guess I'm not into unhealthy relationships. First of all, he's a GHOST. I no way does that make him an acceptable love interest. Second of all, he's a convicted serial killer. His MO was to attract and pick up women and then kill them. This woman is a psychiatrist who extensively interviewed him, she knows how he lured women to their deaths. And she doesn't see the red flags? She needs more help than all the serial killers she interviewed.
The rest of the story, the tracking of the live serial killer, and her other interactions with ghosts was entertaining. I just couldn't get past her fatal attraction to the dead serial killer.
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- Michelle "dannyzlady"

<3 Robards, but conflicted ~ Is this a series?

Karen Robards is an auto buy for me ~ she's a KY author, so started out buying her for loyalty, and now I buy her because she's DAMN good, people. Her suspense ROCKS. And one of the things I like best about Karen Robards?
You never know what you're going to get. She's penned books that made me crack up the whole way through, books that made me sob like a baby, books that made me look in back seat ( still to this DAY ) every time I get in my car, and books that deal with the paranormal. And not all in the same books. She totally mixes it up. So had NO idea what The Last Victim was about, just knew I wanted it because Karen Robards had written it.

Dr. Charlotte Stone is an expert in criminal pathology ~ working on a gov. grant, she's made it her life work to study serial killers. What makes them tick, what made them what they've become, etc. Michael Garland is a serial killer on Death Row that Charlie has been interviewing ~ when the FBI show up talk to Charlie, Garland is escorted from the room. While FBI agent Tony Bartoli is explaining to Charlie that the FBI is requesting her help on a case, Garland is shanked by another inmate...and Charlie is the last person he sees before he dies.

The FBI have come to Charlie because as a teen, Charlie had witnessed & survived the brutal murder & kidnapping of a friends family...and given the police a sketch of the man who did it. It's not 17 yrs. later, and after all these years, why would the Boardwalk Killer be back? And can Charlie stand it if he is? And should she tell the FBI the biggest way she can be of help to them is talking to ghosts of the dead people they find?

I'm going to through some SPOILERS out here, guys, so don't read if you don't want them!!

Chalie DOES go to help the FBI ~ and while she's attracted to FBI agent Tony Bartoli, she's MORE attracted to the GHOST who has attached himself to her & is harassing her & following her pretty much everywhere...Michael Garland. Yup, the serial killer. I had SO many thoughts winging through my head on this! NO way, & there's got to be more to this story we're going to find out & he's really a cop &...guess what? Nope. While the story of the Boardwalk Killer is resolved, and it's a great mystery, we're left hanging about Garland and what his role in HIS life really was, and what his future rold in Charlie's life will be.

This HAS to be the start of a series...I haven't found it anywhere yet, but HAS to be. Because truly, the focal point of this story WASN'T the suspense, it was the story of Garland & Charlie, and the fact that Charlie can see & speak to ghosts...the writing was superb, funny moments abound, had a zinger for a whodunnit, but REALLY? You're gonna leave me hanging like that, Karen???

At least tell me there is MORE to come???

If you guys know this is going to be series, tell me, PLEASE!!

And on the Audio book ~ Ann Marie Lee narrates, and the narration on this was excellent. I listened in 2 parts...and that's only because I couldn't listen straight through! She's amazingly skilled at voices...I loved Garland's voice.
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- MimmiB "Mimmi"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-07-2012
  • Publisher: Random House Audio