The Gun Runner : Mafia Made

  • by Scott Hildreth
  • Narrated by Elizabeth Hart, Jeremy York
  • Series: Mafia Made
  • 7 hrs and 59 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The first book in a seductive new series from number-one Amazon best-selling author Scott Hildreth.
Once, I took down terrorists on the front lines as a marine.
Now I'm in the business of bad.
I've sold guns to people others might not approve of.
I've eliminated the criminals, the lowlifes, and the thugs who've tread on my turf.
And I've looked the Sicilian Mafia boss in the eye and told him to f--k off.
No one tells me no - unless it's their last word.
I don't just act the part of bad. I live it.
Then she stumbles into my life. I try to stay away from her. Try focusing on moving my merchandise. But one smile from Terra is like a shot to the heart.
She's mine now. And no one threatens what's mine.
I've seen a lot of terrible things in my life.
I grew up around lies and deception, and I ran away from all of them.
Until I met him.
I knew he was corrupt. I knew he was dangerous.
I should have stayed away, but my attraction to him, my need for him, overrode my logic.
Now I love him.
If he finds out who I am, we're done, and I'll be nothing.
I never wanted to be the Mafia princess they try to make me, but mia familia has other plans. And what mia familia gets.
Only Michael Tripp can save me.
Book one of the Mafia Made series.


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Customer Reviews

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5 Runner Stars

Okay I don’t care if your man or women and your write smut, romance, erotica whatever. When you can write a female character as strong as this one your freaking ace’s in my book. Oh and this book is Hot as … Yeah you know what I was going to say.

When I first saw this was coming out I was hesitant because Mafia, I always find the women in those books are a bit ditzy.

But I am here to tell you, not only is Terra not ditzy she was probably my favorite leading women in a book in a long time.

I loved how forward Michael was, he didn’t throw any punches what you saw you got well if he wanted you to know. Also got to love what he stood for. He is like the good guy but not all at the same time.

These two together make a great couple and like they would both be fine on their own. But until the meet and you know that now they can’t be with anyone else but each other kind of love. The swoony kind of love.

You know it’s not going to be all sunshine and roses and this book has its ups and downs but I loved how it was steady I actually was able to listen straight through while doing house stuff. And actually yelled NOOOO when it ended.. Now the wait for book 2 grrr.

Sometimes there is a scene that sticks with me and it might be a weird scene to hung up on but the scene with Michael and the 19 year old kid in the coffee shop, I don’t know something about the kid and him and just there little bit of convo makes me want to know more about that kid.

The narration wow great job, I am no stranger to Jeremey’s audios but Elizabeth was new for me and I can tell you I will be on the lookout for more from them.

*All my Reviews are 100% honest and my own.*
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- Pam Audio-Fanatic "Audiobook Addict, yep that is me. There is a group of us! Check us out on FB. >:-)"


Who knows why some books are loved by many and yet disliked by a few... and I know this book is going to be one of those. The start was good, the plot sounded great and I was enjoying the dilemma that both Terra and Tripp found themselves in. Instead of the 'normal' everyday people that they were per porting to be they were in fact a Mafia Princess and a Gun Runner.... and, on top of this, Tripp was being threatened by The Boss... Terra's Father.

So everything was going well... good romance, sex, interesting and exciting plot with some chills and thrills along the way.... and then Terra had to go and ruin it by her hypocrisy of 'keeping secrets' hissy fit that had DOUBLE STANDARDS written all over it. But, as Tripp tried to explain, he was never given the chance by the spoiled selfish over-indulged Terra who stormed off into the sunset to lick her 'poor me' wounds. Like me, she knew what a wonderful man she was shutting out, but she couldn't forgive HIS lies and HIS secrets and yet SHE had a walk in wardrobe full of them and didn't come clean about any of them.

Nope, because of her attitude, I was one and done... even though their story is far from over with a cliffy ending I won't be following their story... unless Tripp kicks her to the curb and gets someone worthy of him but there's a fat chance of that happening, Dual POV's, great Hero, disappointing Heroine and the narration was good but sadly (IMO) couldn't outweigh the Heroine's actions.

Worth a credit? For me NO.. I know I'm in the minority and I so so wanted to love this book (which I totally judged by its cover) but you just have to tell it like it is for you.
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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-08-2016
  • Publisher: Harlequin Audio