The Gifting : Gifting

  • by K.E. Ganshert
  • Narrated by Heather Masters
  • Series: Gifting
  • 10 hrs and 21 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

If science is right, then I am crazy. And crazy is dangerous.
In a world where nothing supernatural exists, Tess Eckhart is positive she's going crazy. After her complete freak-out at a high school party, her family is too. So much that they pack their bags and move across the country, next to a nationally-renowned facility for the mentally ill.
Tess is determined to fit in at her new school, despite the whispers and stares. But when it comes to Luka Williams, a reluctantly popular boy in her class, she's unused to a stare that intense. Then the headaches start, and the seemingly prophetic dreams that haunt her at night. As Tess tries harder to hide them, she becomes increasingly convinced that Luka knows something - that he might somehow be responsible.
But what if she's wrong? What if Luka Williams is the only thing separating her from a madness too terrifying to fathom?


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Customer Reviews

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A Republican Christian novel.

Are you anti-gun control? (Gun control will put guns in the hands of only criminals.)

Are you for sure that science has diminished our lives because it dismisses the role of God? ( only faith in God can give you comfort in times of dread)

Are you anti-choice and believe that abortions these days amount to a modern day holocaust?

Do you believe all bad happens because of Demons?

Do you believe Meds for mental illness are for the weak who just don't know how to manage themselves?

If you answered yes to these questions then this novel is for you. Because everything I just wrote are the beliefs this author puts forth in pretty heavy handed way. I hated it and if I want to bombard with Christian Right ideology I would watch Fox News.

I don't care nor begrudge someone their beliefs but a warning would be nice. Subtle hints towards beliefs are excusable but this book hits you over the head with Fox News like ideology.

So this the warning/enticement is the truth about this novel that I never received.
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- Shelleyjx

More intriguing than the Harry Potter series!

I was in awe from the beginning. This was one of the best books that I have ever listened to or read. I put this up there with The Hunger games and Harry Potter as far as story goes. I was intrigued also that the author was not afraid to voice her beliefs of God and not attribute everything to "magic". so many authors are ashamed to create a world where God exists.

I read a review where the reviewer ranted about Katie including God's existance in the world she made in the Gifting and how too many of her Characters had Christian based conservative beliefs. Saying she was "shoving" her beliefs on others... Nobody made you read that book. How many books are there that blatantly deny the existence of God. I say Katie is amazing and an amazing author. that she is brave enough to not care what others may say or think is comendable.

The gifting was a book that I could not stop listening to. I listened to The Gifting and then it's sequel The Awakening every waking moment until I finished them. I couldn't help myself. Katie's masterpiece and Heather Master's voice make this whole series addictive.

My only regret is that the 3rd book The Gathering is not available in audible yet...

When Katie when! How long will you keep us waiting?

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- Brandon subia

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-14-2016
  • Publisher: K.E. Ganshert