Teach Me : Lightning Tales

  • by K.C. Wells
  • Narrated by Rob Drex
  • Series: Lightning Tales
  • 2 hrs and 26 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

This is a gay romance that contains erotic scenes.
Nick Tremantle has had a rough 10 months. His professional life took a nosedive, and then his mom's health took a turn for the worse. In a short space of time, everything changed. So when he spies the young man hitchhiking, Nick pulls over - he needs all the karma he can lay his hands on. But when the identity of the young man is revealed, it sets in motion a chain of events that unfold quickly, changing Nick's life completely. Alex Nordmann's life has definitely not gone the way he'd planned. Gone are his dreams of an education and living his life "his" way. He'd thought the worst was over until the morning he decided to come out to his parents. It just goes to show, people will surprise you every time. For instance, who could have foreseen that the man who gives him a ride - and an unexpected lifeline - would have been Alex's first crush all those years ago? Alex has no idea what's coming at him....


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Customer Reviews

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Light May/December with fair narration

Nick is a (essentially) closeted gay man who’s hiding from his true self due to a lot of guilt and because he lives in Florida. It takes running into the person who made him realize he was gay (a former student) as an adult for him to realize that he needed to really take a good look at himself and what he was “worth”.

Alex, who in years is the younger of the two in this couple, has ages and ages on Nick in terms of emotional maturity and (to some extent) experience (especially as a gay man). I think KC Wells did a tremendous job of showing how these two – with such a big age gap – could actually work so well together because of this difference in their emotional maturities.

I also think that despite his age, Nick has a strong need to be led and Alex is a great leader for him. I really liked that aspect of their relationship and felt it really worked for them.

There are certainly moments in this that are a little OTT in terms of drama. Alex’s illness, Nick’s mom and her issues and his subsequent guilt - these things were fairly huge and while I understand how it shaped them both, I wonder just how necessary it was to give them so many obstacles. Frankly, being so different in age and living in Florida would be enough to keep these guys busy for awhile! But I do think that it was handled well and in this short-ish story things move along quickly and we get to the good stuff!

I do wonder at their longevity once Alex finishes college… but we have to just trust in their HEA.

I enjoyed this as a quick, mostly light, story of May/December and OFY love and think anyone who has ever fantasized about a teacher will get a kick out of it!

4.5 of 5 stars


Rob Drex is a new to me narrator and in general I think he did a pretty good job. He was good at the pacing and emotion and he gave each MC a subtly different voice so that it was easy to tell who was speaking. What I didn’t like, however, was the fact that nobody in the story had an accent – and living in a small town in Florida, I think people would have one. Also, his voice seemed a little too old – even for Nick. I also got distracted by some of the sounds he made that made me think he had a dry mouth and needed to get a drink of water or something.

In any case, my complaints weren’t so many that I didn’t like the narration, it just wasn’t my favorite and I’d have to listen to a sample again before I purchased an audiobook by him in the future.

3.5 of 5 stars

Overall 4 of 5 stars
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- Morgan A Skye


This is so sweet to see these two men have to totally re-evaluate things they had assumed about themselves and about life. In many ways Nick is a man has let the voices of others dictate his life and Alex despite his younger age has more courage but he is willing to share. In the role reversal of their lives you get a story full of love and a happy ending.
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- Katy Beth

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-18-2016
  • Publisher: Island Tales Press