Taken : Warriors of Hir

  • by Willow Danes
  • Narrated by Kathryn LaPlante, Adam McLaughlin
  • Series: Warriors of Hir
  • 8 hrs and 4 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Hope MacGowan is a city girl but reeling from a break-up on top of a layoff has her determined to have a weekend away in the North Carolina mountains - even if all her friends have bailed at the last minute. Hope's life is one big train-wreck and getting kidnapped by a tall, blond alien - even a gorgeous one - sure isn't helping. R'har crossed the galaxy to seek a mate on this newly discovered world and this delicate red-haired female is everything he's dreamed of - except happy to find herself mated to him. R'har knows in his heart he's her true mate, even if he's not human. But taking her doesn't mean he can keep her and somehow he has to convince Hope to choose him before time runs out....


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R'har is the next Hir Warrior to go and seek his destined mate so he heads to the same location where Ra'kur took Jenna and he's been secretly watching and waiting for just the right female to come along. Hope has just been dumped by her lying Fiancé and lying Best Friend - she's also been sacked from her job and decides to go to the remote cabin that was booked for their Honeymoon.

A long walk, plenty of regrets, tears, an angry Momma Bear with Cubs, a 7ft scary roaring saviour, run for your life, captured with a stun gun, wakes up handcuffed in a strange place, tension and the 'drink and eat' mating offering. Heroine scared of handsome but strange Alien Hero so stunned again, wakes up with language chip implanted, Heroine demands to go home - but one slight problem.... their now in deep space and, little do they know it, but they're both about to be in deep shit too. Which starts a frightening, catastrophic and deadly chain of events..... but they do manage to complete the mating bond with a few rounds of sex.

There's no hope for Hope because she sends out mixed signals all the time and very patient, thoughtful and understanding R'har gets frustrated at always being judged because he's not Human. I would have gladly throttled her by now and gone back for a better choice - but slowly Hope's feeling deepen..... right up until R'har is fatally wounded and gives Hope a deathbed confession..... one that, tragically for him, undoes everything.

Loved R'har but I thought Hope was a very stuck up, disagreeable and annoying Heroine with not a lot of likeable qualities.... I wanted to shout "oh lighten up and give him a break woman!". But the story did have more world-building, heartbreak, drama, angst, danger, tension, sex and there's more up-to-date news about Jenna, Ra'kur and their baby. Dual POV's but it was mainly Hope's and, once again, I found the narration ok but, for me, I still feel Adam McLaughlin's older voice just isn't right for a young, fit and drool-worthy Alien.

Worth a credit? Because of the selfish and heartless Heroine I didn't enjoy this listen quite as much as the first book. However, it is a very addictive series and it's one that I'm going to continue with because these possessive and passionate Warriors are in desperate need to find a woman to love, spoil, protect and adore and I'm totally hooked. So, despite the annoying Heroine, this was, IMO, a creditworthy listen.
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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

Heroine Deserved Everything She Got EXCEPT R'har

Any additional comments?

Where do I even begin? I read the first book and I recall finding Jenna very sweet. She was always positive, always grounding in the upbringing her Gramps had giving her. Book two just made me appreciate Jenna even more. I felt sympathy for Hope, our Heroine for the first 5 minutes of this story.

Her finance left her for one of her best friends. They both told her by text. Her other best friend knew about it for months and never said a word. Then to top all that off, her job had her drive out of town to another office just to tell her they had to let her go. The girl was having a really bad day. That is pretty much where my sympathy ended for her. By the end of the book, I could see why her boyfriend ran off with her best friend. Something I would be totally against in real life but this Hope character sets you off that much.

R'har, was a sweet character. Very protective. He just wanted to love her and have her love him. Instead she pretty much kept putting him down for being a Alien. She just wouldn't listen to anything so he made up this story that he had to repair his ship before he could take her home. It was his last ditch effort to let her get to know him and vice versa. That worked, until he nearly died to save her life, thinking he was dying he confessed the truth about the ship never needing repair. They were rescued by his people but he nearly died. When he finally woke up, she wouldn't go see him. She told the doctor to tell him they were done and she wasn't his lifemate in front of everyone. Yes this is the same woman that whined about how her ex broke up with her in a text and she'd just basically did the same thing. This action of hers got his banned from his own home. Think she made any effort to get him un-banned?

And Jenna, she met her and she was just a total bit*ch to her. She even mocked Jenna's southern drawl as they were speaking. This character was completely unlikable. It was so bad even Jenna offered to help R'har find a sweet southern girl that would be happy to have him as a mate. But no, he only wanted b*tchy Hope.

These are just examples of how this character is and she is this way right up to the end of the book. I honestly don't know why R'har loves her. She didn't have any lovable qualities. She was so nasty that they didn't have any chemistry. And I ended up reading this book to see just how much more b*itchy she could become rather than their romance. I can't remember a book where I really wished the Hero had left her than this book. Sadly, I hear Summer in the next book is only slightly better. Why? Jenna was a great character. If WD is trying to make strong women, bit*chy doesn't equal strong. Hope was weak and whiny.

Despite my hate for the heroine, the writing was obviously good to make me feel such hatred for a character. The world building was great and I enjoyed reading more about the Hir universe and the men their. It was great seeing Jenna again and I liked that Kathryn used the same voice for Jenna as in the first book and she gave Hope a totally different voice. I think Adam also did a great job. He does sound older than what you would expect his character to sound, but he is also over dramatic and over the top with his performance and I think that is more to show he isn't suppose to sound like a human male.

Hopefully Jenna one day returns home and not leave that poor Sheriff hanging in limbo. I will continue with the series as I do love the universe WD has created and I'd like to see more of it.

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- Soriea

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-04-2015
  • Publisher: Ariel MacArran