Spiral of Need : Mercury Pack

  • by Suzanne Wright
  • Narrated by Jill Redfield
  • Series: Mercury Pack
  • 10 hrs and 40 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Ally Marshall isn't just a wolf shifter - she's a Seer. But a girl doesn't exactly need special powers to know that Derren Hudson despises her entire kind. Disdain practically rolls off the Beta of the Mercury Pack... disdain mixed with a healthy dose of desire. And no matter how much the ruggedly handsome male appeals to her, this is one call of the wild she's determined to ignore.
After one betrayal too many, Derren doesn't have much use for Seers - except for Ally. Forced into acting as her protector, he finds himself intensely and passionately drawn to the woman who incites his primal instinct to claim. And when enemies target the pack, Ally's gift may be just what the Mercury Pack needs. Can he put his distrust aside, or will he force himself to turn his back on the one woman who makes his inner beast howl?


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After Zeke finds his true mate his long-time lover Seer Ally happily moves aside but her life becomes a living Hell because of the petty jealousies, vicious set-ups and pack manipulation caused by his mate. Ally is a strong female and can handle herself and all the trouble and she walks away from conflict every time but she's reaching her limit of bullshit and she knows it's time to leave.... but where to? Ally's very good and powerful friend Cain secretly hears about the trouble even though he is in prison and calls in a favor from someone who owes him one.... the broody, unsociable and yet loyal Beta from the Mercury pack.

Darren hates Seers and so too does most of the pack (for differing reasons) but he'd given his word and he can't go back on it even though he's tempted but as soon as he sees Ally his wolf sits up and takes notice. Oh, they both fight their attraction but the animal instinct wins over. They both think they can keep their relationship at just sex because misunderstandings are there from the start so they never suspect they will eventually become fierce, loving and protective true mates. But this is what happens..... especially when Ally's abilities as Seer saves lives, when her kickass no nonsense attitude is respected and when the sex brings them closer together.

With lots of different pack action as Ally settles in, there's murder and kidnapping attempts, bloodshed as fur fangs and claws come out and lots of suspicion as to who and why the drama is focused on the members of the Mercury pack. Also Zeke's bitchy mate isn't anywhere near finished with her deadly plans. As with SW's other Shifter books the sex scenes are great and the Hero is a dirty mouthed Alpha type who knows what he wants and loves and fiercely protects it when he gets it.... because nothing stands in his way (and don't you just love em).

Worth a credit? Dual POV's, addictive sexy and action-packed storyline and a great narrator who brought all the scenes and all the many characters to life which made a good book into an awesome listen. It would've been worth a credit but no need to spend one as I just buy books that are under $10 and save the credit for a more expensive (but maybe not as enjoyable) listen.
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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

Good Story, but the sex was a bit overboard.

I liked this story, the characters and the story line and plot. However, the sex was bit much. The dominating during the sex was a bit much. I would have liked it more had the sex scenes been a bit less frequent.

I liked Ally, she was a strong character. Had some good sarcastic lines that made me LOL.
I liked Derren too, he was also a strong character.

The story line and plot was very good. I liked the crazy female alphas causing all the problems instead of it being males causing the problems. That was a nice change.

There was lots and lots of great dialogue (minus during the sex scenes) throughout the entire book. I love lots of dialogue.

There was nothing at all romantic about the sex scenes. I am no prude but really? calm it down Suzanne Wright. Not necessary to put such graphic, unromantic, crude talking sex scenes in a story. This book would have been 5 stars had the sex been a bit more romantic and less frequent.

As for the narration. I was pretty good. She did make the men sound like men. Most everyone had their own distinct voice and her reading voice was nice. She did read with emotion too. I would listen to her again. This was my first time listening to this narrator. Good job Jill Redfield.

I did get this as a free read with my KU subscription and audible for 1.99 so it was a great deal.
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- Tracy T "Audible Addict!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-29-2015
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio