Smiley : New Species

  • by Laurann Dohner
  • Narrated by Vanessa Chambers
  • Series: New Species
  • 10 hrs and 19 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Book 13 in the New Species series. It is advisable to read the books in order to get the most enjoyment from the series.
Vanni is furious when her fiancé tricks her into attending a conference where his father's church is protesting the New Species Organization. She hates everything those vile bigots stand for. Vanni goes to the bar to cool off and ends up seated next to a handsome New Species. Things heat up fast when they are both drugged.
Smiley doesn't want to believe the sweet human would dose them with the breeding drug. He's willing to trust her and determined to save her life. He'll hold her. Protect her. Offer up his body to distract them both from the pain. She is his female, even if she doesn't realize it yet.
A Romantica paranormal erotic romance from Ellora's Cave.


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This installment of the series contains everything we have come to expect; trouble from new species haters, a beautiful young women in need of protection, doubt and suspicion from the NSO, action with nail biting- hair pulling moments, and lots of hot sex. What sets this one apart is the main characters. Smiley is different from all the other NS males. His emotions are closer to the surface and he feels more everything This makes him compassionate and a good friend to everyone. Before diving into the story I wondered how Ms. Dohner was going to pull off writing this character as an sexy, possesive alpa male. Well, she did it beautifully and seamlessly, while staying true to the original character the fans have gotten aquainted with over the course of the series. The author also created the perfect match for smiley in the sweet, shy, soft spoken heroine. Loved the way she brought these 2 together. Finally, I am very picky about narrators, and so thankful Vanessa Chambers is still with this series. If you are not reading/listening to this series, then you are missing out. I usually get board with a series, especially when it is the same book over and over. There are so many recurring characters in this book and the story of the NS people progresses with each book. I can't wait for the next insallment...
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- Kindle Customer

Really good addition to the series :D

4-4.5 stars

This was a really good story. I liked both Smiley and Vanni both separately and together. Their story was very good and kept me engaged until the end.

Vanni is a nice lady that got sucked into a mess. She lives with her BFF, Beth and has a job she likes. Vanni starts the story engaged to a lawyer named Karl. Her last boyfriend had cheated on her so she thought that Karl was a safe bet to settle down with. She doesn't like Karl's father (who's a preacher that's a hate monger against the New Species Org) and Karl told her he wasn't close to his father. Unfortunately, she soon finds out that Karl's been lying to her.

Smiley is a NS male that's a primate. The NS come in 3 varieties, feline, canine or primate. The primates tend to be less animalistic and more emotional than the other NS. Smiley took his name because he's a friendly guy who is almost always smiling and in a good mood.

Vanni was supposed to be going out of town with Karl for a weekend getaway but when they get to their destination, she finds that they're actually at a conference to support Karl's father. Karl insists that they have to be there because they need more money for their wedding and his father is willing to give them the money to be there. Unfortunately, Vanni is expected to act and talk like the members of the church and she's not ok with that. Karl sends her off to her room (since she's not toeing the line) but Vanni isn't interested in being locked away in her room. She goes to the bar and gets an ice tea and is surprised to find that she's sitting next to a New Species. Although Karl's father is hates the NS, Vanni supports them and is disgusted by the people that treat the NS badly. She starts talking to Smiley but is embarrassed to tell her who she's at the conference with. Soon however, Vanni is feeling drunk and that makes no sense considering she didn't drink any alcohol. Smiley realizes that they've both been drugged with the mating drugs that were developed in the labs for the NS while they were in captivity. It causes horrible pain to the recipients unless they can get sexual gratification.

Once they figure out that Smiley and Vanni have been drugged, the NS try to get them back to Homeland to get medical help. They don't get very far before the drugs start affecting them strongly and in order to save Vanni pain, Smiley offers to help her (sexually). At first she's horrified (because although she's already having thoughts to break up with Karl she hasn't yet so she's still officially engaged) but soon the pain is too much to bear and she takes Smiley up on his offer. They make a connection while they're together but things go wrong and Vanni doesn't get to Homeland and her and Smiley get separated. They both miss each other and want to see each other again but Vanni's also worried because the NS may believe she had a part in the drugging so she doesn't try to make contact with Smiley. Unfortunately, the bad guys behind the drugging aren't done and decide that they're going to cause more trouble which puts Vanni in much danger. Vanni manages to escape the bad guys and ends up reunited with Smiley in Homeland. Once they're reunited, things go pretty quickly between Vanni and Smiley. Smiley knows he wants Vanni for his mate and sets out to convince her of that ASAP. Vanni is a little freaked because she's kind of shy and hasn't had much sexual experience and Smiley's tendency to talk so openly about feelings and things of a sexual nature is something she has to get used to. Smiley is patient with her but isn't afraid to push her a bit so she can open up to him. They get to know each other while the NS works on getting the bad guys taken care of and by the end of the story, Smiley and Vanni are starting their HEA together.

I really enjoyed this story. Smiley and Vanni are such a sweet couple. I lived that when things seemed to indicate that Vanni may have been behind drugging Smiley, Smiley believed her protestations of innocence and tried to convince others that she wasn't responsible. He was just so sweet and protective from the start and I was so happy to see him find happiness with Vanni. This was a really good story and addition to the series. I'd recommend this story. Thumbs up! :D
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- Malinda "I love books and love to get lost in the fantasy. I'm always looking for a new good story to bury myself in. :)"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-06-2015
  • Publisher: Audible Studios