• by BB Easton
  • Narrated by Ramona Master
  • 12 hrs and 34 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Because BB Easton had so much fun writing her bestselling, award-winning, gut-busting, panty-melting memoir, 44 Chapters About 4 Men, she decided to give each of her four men his own steamy standalone! Skin is the first book in the 44 Chapters spin-off series - a gritty, taboo, forbidden love story overflowing with '90s nostalgia, dark humor, and heart-wrenching teenage angst. It is based on a true story.
In 1997 Ronald “Knight” McKnight was Peach State High School’s only skinhead, and hands down the meanest, most misunderstood boy on the planet. Knight hated everyone, except for BB - the perky, quirky punk chick with the locker next to his.
Brooke “BB” Bradley liked everybody, except for Knight. She was scared sh*tless of him, actually. All BB wanted was to marry Prince Eric-lookalike and king of the Peach State High punk scene, Lance Hightower, and have a million of his babies. Unfortunately for her, Knight was even better at getting his way than she was, and once he got under her skin, BB’s life would never be the same.
Skin is not intended for everyone. It contains themes that might upset or offend sensitive audiences. Please consult the introduction for a list of triggers.


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Customer Reviews

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Where was my Knight when I was 15?

Okay so I read "44 Chapters About 4 Men: A Memoir" and being the kind of female who likes her daily dose of badasses, I sorta kinda was terrified/turned on by Knight, so when I found out that BB Easton (badass author eva!) had release another book a couple months later, entitled "SKIN", I knew I had to read it. I will be honest, after I had read the book on my little phone, I was speechless. No really, I was so speechless that I couldn't even write a proper review about what I had just could I? Anyone who has read "SKIN" or even "44 Chapters" and is a person who is easily affected (positive or negative) would probably let the stars speak for them, so that's what I did, I gave "SKIN" five burning bright ass stars....

Fast forward to May 13, I received a FB message congratulating me on winning an audio book for "SKIN" and I was ecstatic! But also anxious. Anxious because it was only that past March that I had finished reading "SKIN" and it pulled my heart strings all over the place so I kept thinking, "do I really want to listen to the book?" Obviously the answer was yes or I wouldn't be writing this. Here's the thing before I go into my review. I received this audio book on the 13th. I was so anxious that I didn't listen to it til yesterday. That's right, it sat in my audible library for 5 days until I mustered up the balls to finally listen and let BB Easton pull at my heart strings yet again. So, here goes my review...

Listening to Ramona Master as BB, some parts were funny where she had me laughing, other parts had me annoyed but hey, what vulnerable 15 year old girl with self conscious issues and a mad crush be if not a little annoying with her naivety and lack of experience with the harsh reality of growing up and falling in love? Exactly, so any who, I'd like to think that BB has a lot of heart and soul because she got to me, not in a bad way, but she got to me and Ramona Master had mastered that and I actually felt like I know BB. There were parts in her story that were raw, real, and sad but the parts that were warm and happy, kept me going.

Thanks to reading "44 Chapters", I thought I had a pretty good idea of how BB and Knight's story was going to pan out. Boy was I wrong and in for a rude awakening. Here's the thing, because I read the book and know how this story goes, listening to Ramona as BB made me forget the whole thing and had me start from the beginning, which I didn't mind because the tons of surprises were not only a breathe of fresh air but had me gasping for air!

I'm going to get to my favorite part of this all: Knight. Ughhhhhh! Knight, oh Ronald Knight. Not gonna lie but he's my favorite from the "44 Chapters" book so yeah, just saying. What made me love him even more was that his story wasn't revealed right away, it was drawn out (painfully but worth it) and I feel that BB Easton did this so we can fall in love with him too, because that's what happened, I literally feel in love with Knight, even when he broke my heart...I mean BB's heart.

Listening to Knight and BB's time together was quite interesting. Their relationship was literally bittersweet, some parts sweet (I swooned when he gave her paper flowers) and some parts bitter (when he pushed her away after the junk yard incident). Since Knight was not your "normal" kind of guy and I air quote normal because I've dated guys who society looked at as not normal, his idea of love and romance were a bit intense and crude but it was love. So listening to Ramona as BB talking during their sex scenes left me kind of turned on because of his devotion to her (constantly telling her she's f*cking beautiful) and kind of uncomfortable (and that's only because of her age and his age BUT in all fairness, I knew plenty of girls from my high school who had sex with seniors when we were sophomores, plus I'd like to think that the demographics had played a part in all this).

Anyways, back to the sex because I just have to comment on that; Knight's foreplay and kink factor made my acts of foreplay seem amateurish and I'm almost 29! I had to give it to him, I want nipple pierces too now but I'm a huge wuss and well I'll just stick to nipple clamps. Like most relationships, BB and Knight's had their ups and downs, and what happened between them left me speechless and whoa, just shocked because it was beyond emotional, it had me gutted.

Overall, I loved the book and I loved listening to the book because not only did Easton warmed my heart and had me smiling, but she had me clutching my aching chest and tear up. I felt like the book left a strong message and I didn't realize what that was until I listened to it. BB Easton is just amazing and she obviously poured her heart and soul into this and Ramona Master delivered! And although I am recovering and not sure if I will be ready by then, and because I'm a sucker for pain, I can't wait for her next book.
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- MaryMaryBoBerry

My Two Pennies

The narration by Ramona Master was amazing. The emotions hit right to the core and I was hanging on every single word. I loved 44 chapters and reading Knight and BB's complete story I have found an even deeper love for this man. BB loves with all she's got and then some. To see the only known skin head in town take on such a protective role shows that there is so much more to a person then meets the eye. There are times I'm cheering Knight on and others screaming what's wrong with you?! Decisions made have such a profound effect on each individual, I'm torn to pieces reading the full story these two souls have shared. it was a beautiful ride filled with so many emotions constantly swarming round. Thank you BB for opening your heart and soul to us the readers and sharing in both your and Knights journey.
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- Theresa Talbot

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-05-2017
  • Publisher: Art by Easton